5 Thing you would never have imagined: Path of Exile Mobile is a masterpiece

Back in 2019, we’ve had news that Grinding Gear Games is developing a brand new version of Path of Exile,
NO, I’m not referring to Path of Exile 2, I’m referring to Path of Exile Mobile

Fortunately GGG handled the news much better than the Diablo Mobile news was presented, this time we didn’t get the ” Doesn’t everyone have a cell phone?” line.

The development of poe mobile is certainly not an unexpected novelty, we know very well that the profit margins on a mobile game are much higher than those of a computer or console game.

Mobile game development costs are dramatically reduced and profits are dramatically increased. The Path of Exile development team has decided to be very clear about one thing, the values of Path of Exile PC will be maintained on the mobile version as well. Which means that the game will never be and will never become a pay to win game.

Many companies have said the same thing before the release of a game, and then after a few months have not kept their word at all. But surely GGG will be different. Why? Simple, they have proven time and time again that they keep their word and truly listen to the opinion of their gaming community.
The community of POE and not only poe mobile is a hardcore community, users who enjoy complicating their lives and playing in modes that involve a real challenge for them. An even more hardcore community than Diablo.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, what is path of exile mobile release date? the answer is pretty simple,

What is path of exile mobile release date?

The release date isn’t official yet, it’s thought to be the second half of 2021, but considering that it looked like they wanted to release it in 2020 it’s still not certain. Surely the difficult situation for the team GGG that there has been during these 2020 and 2021 has not made the situation easy, if we add then that it seems they want to release Path of Exile 2 in 2021 is even less likely a release before the end of 2021

Path of Exile mobile

When will path of exile mobile come out?

We assume that by the end of 2021 path of exile mobile will be released at least in alpha or beta test

Path of exile android release date?

The GGG development team has not specified in detail if the release date for android and iPhone will be different, but most likely the release will be the same for both platforms. For both beta and full version

We can say that it is obvious to be skeptical about the mobile release of a game like path of exile and even more skeptical about what might change on the beta version of path of exile mobile, but we are sure of one thing. Until now, the GGG team has never been swayed by money or offers that could have ruined the reputation and stability of Path of Exile and its community.

Is Path of Exile on mobile?

No path of exile is not currently mobile, but the team at Grinding Gear Games is developing a mobile version that will not be a simplified version of the original game.

Can you make money playing Poe?

Path of exile allows you to earn money indirectly, there are several sites where you can sell your items such as exalted orbs or rare items such as the Headhunter. This, however, goes against the policies of the game and therefore is not exactly recommended. Nevertheless, many people do it anyway and earn large sums of money.

Examples of sites where you can sell your items and orbs on path of exile for real money Player Auctions and G2G.

Here you can also find the link and the official page of Grinding Gear Games for Path of Exile Mobile

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