3 Tips for a Optimized Xbox Series X Explained…Mostly a LIE!

Xbox Series X LIES!

If your favorite video game title has out of a sudden shown up with an additional big X and a big S on its thumbnail then let me tell you I hope you have that game saved in the internal SSD of your Xbox series S or Xbox series X because it’s going to run a lot better, but it’s not going to work on a normal HDD.

What it Means?

     More than likely the title that you have questions about was designed to work on the Xbox one and the Xbox one S and the Xbox one X and the new consoles which means that the optimized for series X badge will have a different meaning than what Microsoft typically markets the title with. 


     The badge represents that the game has better loading times, better graphics, that be resolution or frames per second or graphical level such as better shadows or better lighting, etc. The marketing behind it though does usually mention that it will take full advantage of the new console which is not true.

     The badge means that it will take advantage of the new technology, but that does not mean that it fully takes advantage of the hardware as the marketing tends to say and here is why.

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     If the game is not available only on the new consoles then more than likely there will be compromises in which the full potential of the new hardware will not be fully utilized.

     For example the new loading times that a lot of games are seeing are not utilizing the new Velocity Architecture that Microsoft developed for this console. The majority of these games are only being pushed forward by the raw nature of going from an HDD to an SSD plus decompression speed bumps due to the new CPU. 

     Yes when the game gets updated to the new standard then they might be utilizing the new Velocity Architecture , But not to its full potential because the game more than likely will be available on slower devices and more than likely it was not developed from the ground up with that architecture in mind therefore yes it will have really good results, but I invite you to wait and see the truly next generation gaming video games that are built from the ground up independent from the old hardware and you will see the actual power of this new tech. 

True Next Generation 

     The titles that cannot work on a normal HDD are the titles that are going to truly be able to showcase the power of this new technology that Microsoft has developed which I believe we will be seeing first results from PlayStation five rather than Xbox series X, but with the advance machine learning and other technologies that if you’re interested in learning about come visit my YouTube channel following this link and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified whenever I release the explanation video on that and it’s accompanying article on streaming live academy. 

     These software technologies that Microsoft is attempting to develop and grow and mature with the Xbox series X will come over to the PC and as we know Microsoft no longer is technically fighting a hardware battle here, but rather a platform battle which right now PlayStation is doing really good when it comes to hardware, but as to a platform, unless they evolve, they will lose their crown. 

Either Way

     I would not say that Microsoft is lying when they say that the titles with the badge are bringing you tons of new features because there are so many different ways that someone can utilize the new hardware to push the boundaries of their video games and making a bunch of categories or batches for all the different ways that the games can be optimized would just consume the average consumer in questions and doubts. That is why you need to stick around with us and me under ENDWARO7 on social media’s so we can separate things a little more and go more in depth.

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PS: if your game has the Xbox series X or Xbox series as optimized badge then be prepared because the game will no longer be playable with the enhancements on a non-SSD drive.

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