Now We Can Have The Master Chief & Doom Guy Cross Over We Wanted

Master Chief vs Doom slayer

Now We Can Have The Master Chief & Doom Guy Cross Over We Wanted

     If you have not heard yet that Microsoft bought Bethesda it is probably because you live under a rock! The tech giant, colossal giant, together with Xbox decided that in order to fix their exclusivity issues with not having exclusive titles for the platform, they needed to buy the exclusive studio making giant Bethesda!

     You are probably saying “they don’t have exclusives! What are you talking about?” In which you are right that they do not have console exclusive titles, but they create one of the best fan favorite franchises out there and now that Microsoft owns them, you would practically be blind, if you can’t see that they are going to utilize them for exclusive games for their platform which is Xbox & PC so the ones who suffer in the long run are PlayStation only fans for which I have another article written on in case it tickles your pickle.

     Now that I have educated you a little bit let’s talk about the main topic which is in all of our minds! Will we ever see master chief and doom guy work together or fight it out in a collaborative piece of content such as a video game? 

     I personally would love to see them in some sort of hack & slash game or even a fighting game where you can duke it out punch to punch, special ability to special ability in a awesome silky smooth 60 or 120 FPS stage running at a neat 4K! Got you drooling 🤤 yet? I know I am! And maybe 🤔 even more than that 😉 

     What do you think? Is this a possibility or are we just dreaming and should be taken down to Arkham asylum to get a nice beating? Let me know on social media and remember Sam Bridges is out there!
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