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No, We Don’t Want Fortnite Girl Skins Naked, Women With Nice Asses are Better!


Look I understand why some gamers will want Fortnite girl skins naked, but I’m telling you that that will not work for Fortnite and it would break it! I’m going to explain to you why naked skins in Fortnite is no good and why women with nice asses is better.

Look we all know that gamers are humans and specially the male gamers are humans with biological sexual drives build into them and in their lives that drive will be there pushing them forward. They will either use it to their advantage most of the time or be a slave to it and suffer, but that is another topic for a different article.

Today I want to talk about the reality that Fortnite doesn’t have naked skins or sexually provocative ones for a good set of reasons and I will talk about a couple:

Fortnite Girl Skins Naked

You will find out that just like with many things in life if you can think of it more than likely there is porn made about it. The male human has been visually stimulated for hundreds or thousands of years and call it a biological programming by nature or mankind, it doesn’t matter, the reality is that!

Now talking on video games it is a visual media and it is natural that those gamers will be triggered by what ever they see on the tv or monitor that is reproducing the video game. Add unto that the fact that each gamer is going thru a different part of their mortal development as to their bodies being sexually developed, some will be further than others and vice versa, but yet they play the same game.

Now each gamer is going to want or like a different level of sexual stimuli and depending on the type of media they are consuming that can be too much or not enough for their so called “thirst” or just the thirst is not there yet.

Fortnite has to choose how far and how deep it is going to provide relief or use that “thirst” to drive the gamer to buy skins and Fortnite has decided that women with nice asses is better for their target audience and there is no better example of that than Penny the character from Fortnite Save the World:

No, We Don't Want Fortnite Girl Skins Naked, Women With Nice Asses are Better! fortnite penny town 1024x1024 1

Penny has cleavage in Fortnite Save the World game mode and not in the very popular Battle Royale mode and why is that? She is one or the only one, let me know in comments or socials if I’m wrong, but I believe she is one of the few or only Fortnite skins in the battle Royale game mode that is bigger than usual, thicker with curves and bigger breast than all other Fortnite characters.

I know that for some gamers boobs are better than butts and vice versa than why did Fortnite choose to rely only on butts to grab the attention of gamers? Why no bigger boobs for the skins? If you tell me that it is because bigger boobs have to come with different dimensions on the body as a whole to support them, then I tell you that you haven’t watched anime.

Fortnite could still use about the same models for all their female characters and give them bigger breast, but they choose not to and here is why I think so.

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Women With Nice Asses are Better

Breasts are more of a sexualized part of the female body than butts or the ass, yes, it does change in culture as to popularity, but we all know that poop doesn’t come from them breast so an ass is something that can’t be sexualized as often as breast. The boobs have stayed on top of sexualized items of sexy leaderboards more often than butts and I think the Fortnite creative team understands that.

They know that their audience is really wide and broad as to numbers of players and those players vary strongly in age, and culture. They are leaning towards the most, possible, safe route of using sexuality in their characters to get gamers to buy a skin, but not turning too sexual that it alienates the younger audience or just the part of the audience that knows that there is a place and a time for everything.

The focusing of women with nice asses could be influenced by the rise of butts in social media and so on right now, but if it were only that then on the next phase of breast becoming more popular, again, than it should change but I don’t think it will.I don’t think that they choose butts over breast as to the exaggerated part that they focus on their skins due to the current popularity of the butts, but rather, because it is the safer one to focus on.

The butt is universal and easier handle as a sex item and due to the age demographics and how wide and broad is the Fortnite audience the creative team at Epic Games has to be careful with how far they go in any direction.

I personally think that they are doing good and yes I would like to see more varied body shapes and sizes, but it is not needed and I don’t care enough to even think about it. I play tons of other games and all of them have different styles and art design plus different target audiences that really, to me, Fortnite is doing great at keeping things spicy yet modest so things don’t get awkward when playing with younger people or family members.

What do you think? Do you want Fortnite to make more skins with different base models? Are you Fortnite 34 and want the world to see it not just you in your corner of the inter webs?

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