Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is a Must Buy!

Yes Microsoft lied about their official Microsoft Xbox series X mini fridge having interior LED lighting, but besides that this product is worth $100.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Yes you can get better space for less money, but it is not an official replica or even Close to how cool and good looking this mini fridge is.

I the sheer amount of detail or attention to detail on this Xbox series X mini fridge will make you smile if you even remotely enjoy the video game console. If you watch my video review below you will know this how much of a surprise expression I expressed, I know , when I first got to see it in person I’m boxing it.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

The top of the Xbox mini fridge has a green LED that pays home homage to the optical illusion of the actual Xbox series X Consol on the fan top part. When the consul was first revealed some people thought it was gonna have an LED light which turned out it didn’t so this little detail is special.

You have the ability to turn off the Xbox logo light and the top LED light. The mini fridge comes with two settings max And eco The max setting is for getting stuff cooled quicker, but it gets maybe up to three times as loud so I highly recommend keeping it for durability reasons and comfort inn Eco mode.

You won’t be able to fit an entire month worth of drinks or maybe even more than a week worth of drinks, but I like the design limitations because me personally I don’t drink a lot of soda or drinks in general that are not water or juices. It might be a limitation for inspiring healthy gaming lol yet a hard-core drinker might struggle not being able to have more than one weeks worth of drinks.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge
Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

I was disappointed that they did not deliver in the interior lighting. Specially since the marketing material made it look like it did. The internostalgia in me wants to forgive that, but my numbers brain tells me that for $100 it should have been included. Regardless I do not see it as a dealbreaker and if you want to add it later after the fact with some custom mods I bet it would be quite easy.

In conclusion I believe this is a great must have product if you have spare cash and want to enjoy being an Xbox gamer or variety gamer, but for most people and specially for heavy drinkers I would recommend getting another mini fridge that can fit more drinks. I do also recommend that you don’t drink enough that you need another fridge unless you have a family that depends on it so you pick your poison but for me this Microsoft Xbox series X mini fridge is worth the price of admission.

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