Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy Anymore

We all know that Samus Aran is a female and an atttractive one for that matter, but did you notice that the Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy at least the more recent ones? It is something that has changed in the Metroid games and I believe it is for a good reason.

Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy
Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy In The Newest Games

The original Metroid game that came out in the Nintendo Entertainment System featured Samus as a He in the manuals and descriptions of the game which to those gamers that did not know they ended up having a surprise when they beat the game in under 6 or so hours and got to see a woman.

The reveal is one of the greatest of gaming history mostly cause people did not know and back in the day having a space shooter protagonist be a woman or female was not common. Samus Aran was one of the first female protagonist that graced gamers screens and has since then.

Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy
A lot of Metroid game endings

As you can see from the image above Metroid Endings Are Not Sexy the further they go in time. The most recent games give us cutscenes of Samus thinking about her journey in life or more story content that pushes the narrative further instead of an image of Samus in sexy clothing or poses. I personally don’t mind the sexy, but also prefer the furthering of story or character development since anyone can get their dose of sexy Samus from the online communities.

The original games had Samus Aran strip into even a bikini the faster you completed the game and so did the second and third games in the series. I personally think that that is fine and sexy! There is nothing wrong with that and I wouldn’t call someone who enjoys it a pervert for it is normal to enjoy that, but there is a dangerous thing that comes along with such approach to a character.

The sexualization of a character can get out of hand though if the developer doesn’t learn to control itself and set boundaries. The boundaries need to be held strong or it can dilute a character that is known for something or somethings else than sexy become mostly about it being sexy.

The character being sexualized and it being a fantasy character I say do it, but of course with moderation and reminding ones self that it has to be done in a way that it fits the lore and world in which that character resides or exists in.

Samus Aran is a feminine character with a focus on being strong and agile, but feminine. She showcases the typical traits of a female with feminine gender focus more than male. She has long hair, long legs, small frame resembling more an Olympic athlete. She was created with the so called “older” traits of what people consider feminine traits and that is how I believe Samus should stay.

Samus Aran has a foundation of feminine attributes and traits that were chosen when she was made and we have seeing some change, for example, her breast have changed over the history of the Metroid games and none Metroid games. The best example of this is Super Smash Brothers shrinking or censoring her boobs/breast. It is not a big deal, but you can see the signs of the inner fighting with developers as to how sexy Samus should be.

I think the current form of Samus in Zero Suit is great representation of what she should look like since she is after all very acrobatic and having big jugs would make that very hard, but big or not remember that she is a fantasy character so both are fine in my book.

The endings of Metroid games have gone to be more elaborate and deep and that is good! I support that directions, but let us not forget that Samus Aran is a sexy strong, agile, Olympic athlete like heroin that has strong firm roots in more traditional feminine gender based traits. I would say the same for Rambo as a character and Lu Kang in Mortal Kombat cause they are impossible exaggerated fantasy characters like Samus is.

I would not want to see a skinny dude be Rambo, because that is not the original traits from the creation stage of the character and not that we or I have anything against skinny dudes, but keeping it real Rambo is a fantasy, exaggerated, male character. If someone wants skinny Rambo than go ahead and create their own Rambo and leave the OG Rambo as is faithful to its inception.

I’m really excited for Metroid Dread so much I’m currently playing all the Metroid games from the first until the newest and I invite you to come along this journey with me. On all my socials and YouTube I will be posting Metroid content and over at the Reddit Metroid official sub I will be hanging out everyday!

I hope Metroid Dread further opens the universe of lore that Metroid games have to them and keeps Samus the sexy feminine heroin that she is, but in line with the world that she inhabits while still being fantasy.

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