MCPE Monster on Minecraft, creepy, scary and so dark

MCPE MonsterGuttural noises and a belly full of souls could be the shape of the most terrifying Minecraft monster ever created.

For being a game for both kids and adults, Minecraft never ceases to amaze with some monsters that are truly frightening. Scary monsters we’ve seen many in Minecraft, especially when we play Hardcore, but sometimes between that quiet little music and the fact that we have half a heart of life flashing, everything gets scarier.

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There are the classic Creeper, skeletons, and wombies, but what about a giant flying ghost? The brutish piglins in the Nether, not to mention the Enderman.

But the terrifying new creature available with the Caves and Cliffs update makes these monsters seem almost cuddly.

Where to start talking about the Warden, it was introduced during Minecraft Live 2020 and it’s the first blind mob in Minecraft, so instead of running at you as soon as it sees you, it senses the vibrations around it with the sensors on its head.

But the moment you make even a small noise, you better get ready, the horrid monster is ready to ambush you. It also looks hideous with its gigantic mouth and exposed rib cage, where you can glimpse the souls of the monsters it has killed.

Sure the Warden is scary, but Mojang has made this encounter even more terrifying. This horrifying creature can only be found in one place, the new biome introduced with the update, the Deep Dark.

Caves and Cliffs will completely overhaul how caves work, with the goal of making them open with underground green areas. But Deep Darkness is the opposite. Its winding caverns are narrow and claustrophobic, making it difficult to escape and nearly impossible to escape from a huge, massive creature. If you’re going to risk going down there, it’s best to have an escape plan if things go wrong.

Getting trapped in deep darkness with these creatures around is what scares me the most in the new update, but fortunately you’ll have some warning if a Warden is nearby. Candles, lamps, and any other source of light will flicker and the area will slowly begin to be engulfed in darkness as it gets closer. You’ll also hear strained moans and glowing souls in its chest, pulsing like a horrible heartbeat, so you can see it in the dark.

mcpe monster

This is what is so scary about the Warden. It’s not just that it looks horrible – Mojang has cleverly orchestrated these encounters to be as scary as possible. If I were stuck in an underground cavern in complete darkness while a huge, bubbling creature tried to kill me, I’d curl up in a ball and let fate take its course.

Mojang even advises players not to fight one. You’ll have to try to sneak around it, distracting the monster with snowballs and arrows. If you find yourself trapped and try to attack the Warden, it will emit a ferocious roar and charge at you, hitting you until you are toast. Even if you’re equipped with fancy Netherite armor, that won’t stop the Warden from killing you in two heavy blows. Fighting is not an option with the Warden, which is unusual for a Minecraft monster. Sure, players will soon figure out how to defeat them, because the Minecraft community is ravenous, but the first couple of times players delve into the Deep Darkness will be frightening.

It really takes me back to the first time I played Minecraft and had to survive my first night. I’ll never forget the first time when the blue sky and green grass disappear and you’re suddenly exposed to all kinds of creepy monsters.

The fear of facing the Warden has its rewards. The blocks that can be found in Deep Dark are certainly worth the risk. The Warden is part of a new Sculk system that Mojang is introducing in the update. Sculk sensors are blocks that can detect vibrations, much like our strange friend, and emit a signal to the redstone (blocks that are vital to powering up mechanisms in Minecraft).

Normally, the redstone needs a connection to work, but a sculk sensor can transmit signals to the redstone without being part of a circuit, essentially creating wireless mechanisms. This is a game-changer for Minecraft builders who enjoy automation and tinkering. Sculk sensors can detect all types of movement, including walking, swimming, flying, explosions, lightning, and more. The possibilities for creating completely wireless mechanisms are immense.

With a reward this big, I will definitely be taking some dangerous expeditions down into the deep dark, even at the risk of an encounter with the Wardens. I’m sure there will be plenty of techniques and strategies popping up from the community when the Caves and Cliffs update comes out later this year, I just hope they’re enough to get me out alive.

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