Maximize Your Gameplay: Mastering the Art of Trading Distance in Pokemon Go

Maximize Your Gameplay: Mastering the Art of Trading Distance in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a unique mobile app that requires players to traverse different landscapes to capture and train virtual creatures. One essential aspect of the game is trading distance, which is critical towards reaching certain game goals. Trading distance refers to the distance two trainers have to be apart from one another to trade Pokemon. Notably, different types of trading exist in Pokemon Go, and this article is specifically focussed on the trading distance. Here is how you can master the art of trading distance in Pokemon Go.

Understanding Trading in Pokemon Go

Before we dive into the details of trading distance, it is essential to understand trading in Pokemon Go. Trading is a way to exchange Pokemon with other trainers. Through trading, players can increase their Pokedex by exchanging collected Pokemon. Additionally, trading encourages social interactions among trainers, promoting a sense of community, and creating an avenue where trainers can connect with one another.

Types of Trading Distance: How They Work

As mentioned, there are different types of trading, and it is essential to be aware of their workings to make the most out of trading distance. The three types of trading distances in Pokemon Go are regular, special, and lucky trades.

Regular Trades

Regular trading is between players who are within 100 meters of one another. When players are at similar distances, they can trade Pokemon. This type of trading does not require a significant amount of resources, and both players do not have to be at higher levels.

Special Trades

Special trades are between players who are at least 100 kilometers apart from one another. This type of trading requires the use of a special trade pass, which can be acquired by completing special research tasks or by participating in Community Day events. The one significant difference between regular and special trades is the trade cost, which is 40,000 stardust. Also, players participating in special trades must be level 10 or higher.

Lucky Trades

Lucky trades are a type of special trade that has an additional benefit. When a trainer trades a Pokemon that has been present in their Pokedex for more than a year, the resulting trade will be a “lucky trade.” Lucky trades have a much better likelihood of being “lucky” and can have higher IV distribututions.

Tips to Mastering Trading Distance in Pokemon Go

To master trading distance, the following tips can be implemented.

1. Keep an eye out for events – Events, such as Community Day, can offer opportunities to earn special trade passes, making special trades less costly.

2. Grow your friends’ list – Reach out and become friends with other trainers in the game as the distance between friends can potentially reduce the costs of special trades.

3. Research, research, research – Knowing what type of Pokemon to trade and having an idea of their trade values can be helpful avoiding wastage, increasing the likelihood of a lucky trade, and maximizing the potential output of trading.

4. Go where the spawns are – Going to different popular Pokemon Go arenas and lures is a good way to encounter players willing to trade and potentially increase your friends’ list.

5. Be patient – Even though being able to trade is an important part of leveling up and completing your Pokedex, it’s important to have fun along the way.


Mastering trading distance in Pokemon Go is essential to achieving specific game goals. Regular, special, and lucky trades are the 3 types of trading distances available. Understanding their workings and having a plan to maximize opportunities is the key to success. As with every game, patience and enjoyment are essential components to enjoying the game.


1. What is the cost for special trading distance in Pokemon Go?
Ans: The cost of special trading in Pokemon Go is 40,000 Stardust.

2. What is the difference between regular and special trades?
Ans: The primary difference is that special trades require players to be at least 100 kilometers apart, while regular trades can occur within 100 meters of one another.

3. How can a player acquire a special trade pass?
Ans: Special trade passes can be acquired by completing special research tasks or participating in Community Day events.

4. Are there any benefits to a lucky trade?
Ans: Yes, lucky trades have a higher possibility of being lucky and giving you higher IV distributions.

5. What is the importance of trading distance in Pokemon Go?
Ans: Trading distance is essential in Pokemon Go as it allows players to level up, complete their Pokedex, and maximize their gameplay.

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