Maximize Your Elden Ring Gameplay with This Strength-Faith Build Guide

When it comes to Elden Ring gameplay, maximizing your character’s strength and faith can make a huge difference in your experience. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to create the perfect strength-faith build for your character.

What is Strength-Faith Build in Elden Ring?

A strength-faith build in Elden Ring is characterized by the combination of high strength and faith stats. This build is particularly effective for players who want to focus on melee combat, using large weapons that deal massive damage. Faith, on the other hand, provides access to miracles that grant various benefits such as healing, damage boosts, and protection spells.

Choosing the Right Starting Class

Choosing the right starting class is essential if you want to create a strong strength-faith build. Starting classes such as the Knight, Warrior, or Cleric are great options as they have high stats in strength and faith. Alternatively, players can also choose a starting class with a high strength stat and level up their faith as they progress through the game.

Leveling Up and Stat Distribution

As with any build, leveling up is key to maximizing your strength-faith build. Investing in strength and faith stats should be your top priority while leveling up. A good starting point is to aim for equal distribution between strength and faith, as this will give you a balanced build that can hold its own in both melee combat and magic.

Equipment and Weapon Choices

Choosing the right equipment and weapons is essential for a successful strength-faith build. Large weapons, such as Greatswords or Greathammers, are excellent choices for this build, as they deal massive damage and benefit from high strength stats.

In addition to weapons, players should also focus on equipping armor that complements their build. Heavier armor sets are recommended for strength-faith builds, as they provide increased protection, allowing the player to take more hits without taking too much damage.

Miracles and Spells

One of the biggest advantages of a strength-faith build is the ability to use miracles and spells. These can provide various benefits, such as healing, damage boosts, and protection spells that can be incredibly useful in combat.

As you progress through the game, collect and attune different miracles and spells that complement your build. This will enable you to adapt to different combat situations, making you a force to be reckoned with.


Maximizing your Elden Ring gameplay with a strength-faith build is an excellent way to take your experience to the next level. Remember to choose the right starting class, distribute your stats evenly, choose the right equipment and weapons, and attune miracles and spells that complement your build. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a powerful force in the world of Elden Ring.


Q1. Can strength-faith builds effectively use ranged weapons?
A: While it’s possible, strength-faith builds focus more on melee combat, so it’s not recommended.

Q2. Do I need to focus on both strength and faith equally?
A: Not necessarily, but balancing these two stats will give you a more balanced and versatile character.

Q3. What miracles should I focus on as a strength-faith build?
A: Healing, protection, and damage-boosting miracles are excellent choices.

Q4. Should I focus on heavy armor or lighter armor?
A: Heavy armor is better suited for strength-faith builds, as it provides increased protection.

Q5. Can strength-faith builds solo bosses effectively?
A: Definitely. With the right weapons, spells, and strategies, strength-faith builds can take on any boss in Elden Ring.

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