Maximize Your Elden Ring Experience with These Stat Soft Caps: A Guide for Gamers

Maximizing your Elden Ring experience is crucial. The game has a vast world that is filled with dangers and mysteries. Playing it can be overwhelming at times as the gameplay can be punishing. But, for all its complexities, Elden Ring is an excellent game that rewards skilled players. And one of the key elements that you need to master to reach the endgame is understanding the stat soft caps. These caps define how much each stat affects your character’s performance. So, if you want to progress quickly, read on for our guide on how to use these caps.

What are Stat Soft Caps?

Stat soft caps are the points at which leveling up a stat stops having the same effect on your character’s performance. These caps vary for each stat and character class. To maximize your character’s stats, you need to know when to stop investing points in each stat. Over-investing in a stat will not give you much of a boost after a certain point. For example, if you invest heavily in strength without paying attention to the soft cap, you may end up with a character that is slow and ineffective.

Vitality Soft Cap

Vitality is a critical stat in Elden Ring. It determines your character’s health and determines how much damage you can take before dying. The soft cap for vitality is 50. After this point, investing more in vitality does not give you a significant boost. When you reach the soft cap, focus on other stats like endurance or strength to round out your character.

Endurance Soft Cap

Endurance determines your character’s stamina and equipment carry weight. The higher your endurance, the more stamina you have, allowing you to perform more attacks, blocks, and rolls before needing to catch your breath. The endurance soft cap is 40. After reaching this point, investing more in this stat will not give you much more stamina. You may, however, want to invest more points in endurance if you are a heavy armor user to increase your maximum equipment load.

Strength Soft Cap

Strength determines the damage output of most melee weapons. If you invest heavily in strength, you can deal massive damage with certain weapons, such as greatswords and hammers. The soft cap for strength is 50. After this point, you will see a diminishing return on your investment. Instead of investing more in strength, consider increasing your dexterity to complement your strength.

Dexterity Soft Cap

Dexterity determines your character’s agility and the damage output of finesse weapons such as daggers and bows. The soft cap for dexterity is 50. After this point, investing more in this stat will not give you a significant damage increase. However, improving your dexterity can give you better movement and attack speed, making you more agile in combat.

Intelligence and Faith Soft Caps

Intelligence and Faith determine the power of magic and miracles, respectively. The soft caps for intelligence and faith are 60. After reaching this point, investing more points in these stats will not give you a significant magic or miracle increase. You may, however, want to invest in these stats if you rely heavily on spells, hexes, or miracles.


Maximizing your Elden Ring experience requires having a solid understanding of the stat soft caps. Knowing when to stop investing in each stat can help you create a well-rounded character that is effective in combat. Remember, it’s not enough to pump up one stat to the max; you need to balance out your character to achieve success in the game. With this guide, you now have all the information you need to upgrade your character stats to the soft cap, so you can take on any challenge in Elden Ring.


1. What happens if I invest too many points in a stat in Elden Ring?

A: You may end up with an unbalanced character that cannot perform well in combat, and you will notice diminishing returns from your investments after reaching the soft cap.

2. Can the soft caps change for different character classes in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, each character class has its own unique stat soft caps that you need to consider while building your character.

3. How can I know when I’ve reached the soft cap for a stat in Elden Ring?

A: The game’s Level Up menu will tell you when the stat has reached its soft cap.

4. What should I do after reaching a stat’s soft cap in Elden Ring?

A: Focus on other stats that complement your character and help you achieve success in the game.

5. Can I respec my character’s stats in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, you can respec your character’s stats by speaking to Rosaria at the Cathedral of the Deep. Note that this will cost you one pale-tongue per respec.

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