Mastering the Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff: Tips and Tricks!

Mastering the Elden Ring Dual Wield Staff: Tips and Tricks!

The Elden Ring universe is a complex and challenging one, with varied combat options and weaponry choices. Among the many weapons available in the game, the dual wield staff is a particularly versatile and unique option to master. However, using this weapon effectively requires a certain level of skill and finesse. In this article, we will explore the tips and tricks for mastering the Elden Ring dual wield staff.

Understanding the Dual Wield Staff

The dual wield staff is a two-handed weapon that allows the player to alternate between two different stances during combat. The first stance, the staff stance, is ideal for long-distance attacks, while the second, the dual wield stance, is perfect for close-range combat. Knowing how to utilize these stances is essential for a successful combat experience.

Tip #1: Use the Staff Stance for Long-Distance Attacks

The staff stance of the dual wield staff is an excellent option for players who prefer to attack from afar. This stance provides a variety of long-distance attacks that deal significant damage to enemies. It’s essential to note that the attacks in this stance consume a lot of stamina, so it’s crucial to use them judiciously.

Tip #2: Switch to the Dual Wield Stance for Close Range Combats

When enemies close in, switch to the dual wield stance, which allows for quick and agile melee attacks. This stance has a distinct advantage over other weapons in close combat: the player can evade quickly while maintaining a swift and precise attack. To get the most out of the dual wield stance, practice evading while attacking to increase the effectiveness of this close-range combat style.

Tip #3: Master the Staff Twirl

One of the most effective attacks available to the dual wield staff is the staff twirl. This attack is a skillful maneuver that deals massive damage to enemies within range. Mastering this move requires a lot of practice, but after mastering it, it can play a crucial role in taking down even the toughest opponents.

Tip #4: Be Prepared for Stamina Consumption

Using the dual wield staff requires a significant amount of stamina, so it’s crucial to have plenty of stamina replenishing items on hand. Without enough stamina, the player will have a more challenging time executing moves effectively, which can lead to costly mistakes and make battles more difficult than necessary.

Tip #5: Experiment with Different Combinations

The dual-wield staff is a unique weapon that allows players to be creative and inventive with their combat tactics. Experimenting with different stance combinations, evasion strategies, and attack sequences can yield unexpected and sometimes incredibly successful results that can take your gameplay to the next level.


Mastering the dual wield staff in Elden Ring requires skill and practice, but it’s a weapon that can provide a lot of benefits in combat. The staff stance is ideal for ranged attacks, while the dual wield stance is perfect for close-range combat. A player that can master the staff twirl and the weapon’s stamina consumption will be deadly to any opponent. Experimentation is key, so don’t be afraid to try different combinations of stance and strategy.


Q1. How do I switch between the dual wield and staff stance?

To switch between the stances, press the left and right trigger buttons on your controller.

Q2. Does the dual wield staff work with magic?

Yes! The dual wield staff is compatible with both dark and light magic.

Q3. How can I increase my stamina for more efficient use of the dual wield staff?

Equipment items and the use of endurance increasing consumables such as the green blossom can help to increase your stamina.

Q4. Is it better to use the dual wield staff with a light build or heavy build?

It depends on your preferred fighting style. However, the staff twirl move can be most useful with a light build, making it easier to dodge enemy attacks and execute the move.

Q5. Is the dual wield staff an easy weapon to use?

The dual wield staff can be challenging to master, but with practice, it can be a highly effective asset in your combat repertoire.

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