Mastering Death’s Poker: A Complete Guide to Elden Ring’s New Build

Mastering Death’s Poker: A Complete Guide to Elden Ring’s New Build

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, the creators of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones, respectively. The game has already created a buzz among gamers, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release.

One of the most exciting parts of playing such games is building a character that can survive and defeat powerful enemies. In Elden Ring, mastering the character build is essential to succeed in the game. In this article, we will discuss the essential aspects of Elden Ring’s new build.

H1: What is a Build in Elden Ring?

A build is a set of attributes, statistics, gear, and spells that define your character’s combat style in the game. Depending on your build, you can play as a heavy-hitting tank, a fast-moving rogue, or a master of powerful magic. A good build should complement your playstyle and be effective against various types of enemies.

H2: Choosing Your Character Class

Elden Ring offers four main character classes that serve as a starting point for building your character. These classes define your initial stats, gear, and spells, and offer different playstyles.

The fighter is a melee-oriented class that excels in using heavy armor and weapons. The rogue is a fast and nimble character that can dodge attacks and strike from behind. The cleric is a hybrid class that combines melee combat with powerful miracles. The mage is a pure spellcaster that can deal massive damage from range.

H3: Allocating Stats

After choosing your class, you need to allocate your starting stats. These attributes define your character’s health, stamina, damage output, and magic. Depending on your build, you may need to prioritize certain stats over others.

For example, if you want to play as a tank, you should focus on increasing your strength and vitality, while a rogue should prioritize dex and stamina. A mage, on the other hand, should invest in intelligence and faith to boost their spellcasting abilities.

H4: Choosing Your Gear and Spells

Another important aspect of character building is choosing your gear and spells. Depending on your build, you should aim for equipment that complements your playstyle and enhances your stats.

For example, a tank should equip heavy armor that offers high defense but slows their movement. A rogue should use light armor that enhances their agility and allows them to stay mobile. A mage should aim for robes that boost their spellcasting and mana regeneration.

Similarly, you should choose spells that align with your build. A fighter can use weapon buffs and healing miracles, while a mage can unleash devastating spells that deal massive damage. A cleric should focus on healing and support spells that can help their allies in battle.

H5: Enhancing Your Build

Finally, to master Death’s poker, you need to enhance your build as you progress through the game. You can do this by investing in stats that complement your playstyle, upgrading your gear, and learning new spells.

You should also experiment with different combinations of gear and spells to find the most effective ones for your build. Some gear may offer unique bonuses or synergize with certain spells that can make a significant difference in combat.


Mastering Death’s poker in Elden Ring requires careful planning and execution of your character build. By choosing your class, allocating stats, choosing your gear and spells, and enhancing your build, you can create a powerful and versatile character that can conquer any challenge.


1. Can I change my character build during the game?
Yes, you can adjust your build by reallocating your stats by using a special item that you can find in the game.

2. What is the best build for Elden Ring?
There is no one best build for the game, as it depends on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different builds to find the one that suits you.

3. Can I respec my spells?
Yes, you can respec your spells by visiting an NPC in the game that can reset your spell list.

4. What gear should I use as a mage?
You should aim for robes that enhance your spellcasting abilities and boost your mana regeneration. Equip rings that boost your spell damage or reduce casting time.

5. How can I enhance my build in Elden Ring?
You can enhance your build by investing in stats that complement your playstyle, upgrading your gear, and learning new spells. Experiment with different combinations to find the most effective ones for your build.

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