Master the Elden Ring Power Stance with the Curved Greatsword: Unleash Devastating Attacks!

Master the Elden Ring Power Stance with the Curved Greatsword: Unleash Devastating Attacks!

The Elden Ring is finally here, and players are already rampaging their way through the challenging game. One tactic that can be used to overpower enemies and bosses is mastering the power stance. And what better weapon to use this stance with than the curved greatsword?

In this article, we will delve into the power stance and the curved greatsword, as well as tips on how to maximize their potential.

What is the Power Stance?

When a player wields two compatible weapons simultaneously, they are capable of simultaneously attacking multiple targets and unleashing devastating attacks. This is the power stance. To activate the power stance, the player must have 1.5 times the strength required to wield both weapons. In Elden Ring, this can be done by pressing and holding down on the left stick and then pressing the left-hand button.

The Curved Greatsword and its Characteristics

The curved greatsword is a versatile and powerful weapon that can cause devastating damage. It has a long reach and can swing in wide arcs, making it excellent for crowd control. It also possesses a combination of strong thrusting and slashing attacks, making it useful whether the player is fighting one enemy or multiple.

Wielding the curved greatsword alone is already potent, but combining it with another compatible weapon using the power stance can make it extremely deadly. Some of the curved greatsword’s compatible weapons include curved swords, katanas, or daggers.

Tips to Master the Power Stance with Curved Greatsword

1. Choose the Right Weapon

As mentioned earlier, the curved greatsword has compatible weapons that it can pair with. Some of these include the Estoc, a piercing sword, and katanas like the Uchigatana or the Blacksteel Katana. It is essential to choose a weapon that complements the curved greatsword’s reach and damage output.

2. Timing is Crucial

When using the power stance, players must time their attacks correctly. One wrong move can lead to leaving oneself wide open for a counterattack. Avoid spamming attacks as well, and be mindful of the stamina bar.

3. Utilize the Right Analog Stick

The right analog stick allows players to execute a variety of attacks while using the power stance. It can make the difference between overwhelming an enemy or getting overwhelmed oneself.

4. Experiment with Different Combinations

The power stance can be used with various weapons. Experimenting with different combinations can not only spice up one’s play style but can also provide an advantage in certain situations. Don’t hesitate to try different combos to see which ones suit your play style!


Being skilled with the power stance opens up the player’s ability to deal more damage to enemies and bosses alike. Pairing it with the curved greatsword only amplifies its already formidable strength. By practicing the techniques mentioned above and experimenting with different combinations, players can master the power stance and take their gameplay to the next level.


1. Can I use the power stance with any weapon combination?

No. Only compatible weapons can be used together in the power stance.

2. Can the power stance be used to parry?

No. The power stance is purely for attacking.

3. What are some other greatsword combinations that I can use with the power stance?

The Greatsword and the Mastodon Greatsword are excellent examples.

4. Is the curved greatsword difficult to use?

It can be challenging to use at first due to its slower speed, but it is a formidable weapon once mastered.

5. How do I know if my weapon combination is compatible with the power stance?

Check the weapon’s description for “compatible with power stance.”

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