Master the Art of Death’s Poker with Elden Ring’s Unique Build

Master the Art of Death’s Poker with Elden Ring’s Unique Build

Elden Ring is an upcoming, highly-anticipated action role-playing game from the developers at FromSoftware. The game combines the elements of the Soulsborne series with open-world exploration, urging players to explore the world and uncover its secrets. One of the main gameplay mechanics in Elden Ring is its unique build system that allows players to customize their character’s abilities to their liking. In this article, we will explore how to master the art of Death’s Poker with Elden Ring’s unique build.

Understanding the Build System

Before we dive into the specifics of mastering the art of Death’s Poker, we need to understand the build system in Elden Ring. The build system in the game is divided into three main categories: Attributes, Skills, and Gifts.

Attributes are the basic stats of your character, such as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. These stats determine your character’s damage output and health.

Skills are the abilities that your character can learn and improve upon. There are various skills available in the game, such as weapon skills, magic spells, and unique abilities like parrying.

Gifts are special items that grant unique bonuses to your character. These items can be found throughout the game, and some can be earned through completing quests or defeating bosses.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the build system let’s explore how to master the art of Death’s Poker.

Mastering Death’s Poker

Death’s Poker is a playstyle that emphasizes quick and precise movements, punishing enemies with rapid strikes while dodging their attacks. To master this playstyle, you need to focus on a specific build that emphasizes Dexterity and Agility.

Dexterity: Dexterity is the main attribute that governs the speed of your character’s movements, allowing you to dodge attacks faster and strike with rapid combos. By focusing on Dexterity, you can increase your character’s overall speed and accuracy in combat.

Agility: Agility determines how quickly your character can roll and dodge, making it an essential attribute for Death’s Poker. By increasing your Agility, you can perform more rapid movements, evade enemy attacks more easily, and use your momentum to strike back.

Skills: The most important skill for Death’s Poker is the Parry. By learning how to parry enemy attacks, you can create an opening to deliver a decisive strike. Other valuable skills include Weapon Mastery for increased damage output and dodge abilities to increase your evasion capabilities.

Gifts: There are a variety of gifts that can enhance your Death’s Poker style, such as Quickstep, which allows you to perform a quick dodge while attacking. Additionally, items like Ninja Hood that increase Agility or Finger Whistle for drawing enemy attention and opening up strikes.


Elden Ring’s unique build system allows you to tailor your character’s abilities to your playstyle, making it essential to understand which attributes, skills, and gifts are best suited for your approach. By mastering the art of Death’s Poker and focusing on Dexterity, Agility, and Parrying, you can become a potent force in Elden Ring’s world.


1. Can I change my character’s build after I start the game?

Yes, you can change your character’s build at any time by visiting a character builder NPC.

2. Can I specialize in multiple playstyles?

Yes, you can focus on a hybrid build that combines the elements of different playstyles.

3. Can I play Elden Ring without having to engage in melee combat?

Yes, you can specialize in ranged combat, mage, or support build.

4. Are there any specific builds that are optimal for PVP?

Yes, there are various builds that specialize in PVP combat, like the Glass Cannon build that focuses on high damage output but low defenses.

5. Are there any build restrictions for certain races or classes in the game?

No, there are no build restrictions for any race or class in Elden Ring.

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