Master the Art of Death’s Poker with Elden Ring: A Guide to the Ultimate Build!

Master the Art of Death’s Poker with Elden Ring: A Guide to the Ultimate Build!

The upcoming release of Elden Ring has fans of the Soulsborne franchise eagerly awaiting its arrival. Developed by FromSoftware and co-created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring promises to be an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. The game features open-world exploration, a deep lore-filled story, and intense boss battles. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of Death’s Poker and how to create the ultimate build for Elden Ring.

What is Death’s Poker?

Death’s Poker is a term that originated in the Soulsborne community, referring to a build that focuses on maximizing critical hits and overall damage output. Critical hits occur when you land an attack on an enemy that is vulnerable or has just finished an animation. These hits deal significantly higher damage than regular hits and can often be the difference between success and failure in a combat encounter.

To maximize critical hits, Death’s Poker builds utilize weapons that have high critical modifiers, meaning they deal even more damage on critical hits. These builds also focus on stats that increase critical hit chance, such as Luck and Dexterity.

Creating the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build

To create the ultimate Death’s Poker build, we’ll need to focus on three key areas: weapon choice, stats, and gear.

Weapon Choice – The Uchigatana

The Uchigatana is a weapon that has become iconic in the Soulsborne community for its fast attacks and high critical modifier. It can be obtained relatively early game by defeating the Sword Master in the Cemetery of Ash area.

Stats – Dex and Luck

Dexterity is the stat that governs the Uchigatana’s damage output and attack speed, making it a crucial stat for this build. Luck, on the other hand, increases critical hit chance and also increases the effectiveness of certain weapons and items, making it another essential stat. We recommend investing heavily in both stats.

Gear – The Bloodring and Hornet Ring

The Bloodring is a ring that increases the player’s invincibility frames while rolling, making it easier to dodge attacks. This ring is especially useful for a Death’s Poker build, as it allows for quick and precise movements to land those critical hits. The Hornet Ring, meanwhile, increases critical hit damage, making it a must-have for this build.


Q: What other weapons are good for a Death’s Poker build?

A: Other weapons that have high critical modifiers include the Bandit’s Knife, the Mail Breaker, and the Crow Talons.

Q: What other stats should I invest in besides Dexterity and Luck?

A: Endurance and Vitality are also important stats to invest in, as they increase stamina and health respectively.

Q: What armor should I wear for a Death’s Poker build?

A: Armor is mostly a matter of personal preference, but we recommend lighter armor sets that allow for quick movements and dodges.

Q: What are some tips for maximizing critical hits?

A: Keep an eye out for the enemy’s animations and attack patterns, as well as any debuffs or status effects that make them vulnerable. Be patient and wait for openings before attacking.

Q: Is a Death’s Poker build viable for PvP?

A: Yes, a Death’s Poker build can be very effective in PvP thanks to its high damage output and critical hit chance.


Mastering the art of Death’s Poker in Elden Ring requires a combination of precise timing, smart stat allocation, and gear optimization. By utilizing the Uchigatana, investing in Dexterity and Luck, and wearing the Bloodring and Hornet Ring, players can create the ultimate Death’s Poker build. So, get ready to embark on an epic journey of exploration and challenge, and remember to always keep your sense of persistence and determination at the ready!

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