Master the Art of Death’s Poker: Unleashing the Power of Elden Ring’s Unique Build

Master the Art of Death’s Poker: Unleashing the Power of Elden Ring’s Unique Build

Elden Ring is the upcoming video game that is expected to be the latest masterpiece from FromSoftware, a renowned game development studio. One of the features that make Elden Ring unique is the build system. The game is designed to provide the player with various options regarding how they can build their character. This article intends to explore how gaming enthusiasts can master the art of death’s poker when playing Elden Ring’s unique build.

Understanding Elden Ring’s Build System

Before delving into the strategies for mastering Elden Ring’s unique build, it is essential to understand how the game’s build system works. The game offers players three primary attributes that they can invest in to build their characters: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Players can focus on either one or a combination of these attributes to create a wide range of character builds.

The strength attribute defines the character’s ability to deal damage, and the dexterity attribute determines the character’s speed and agility. Finally, the intelligence attribute governs the character’s magic capabilities. Players can also create hybrid builds by investing in a combination of these attributes.

Strategies for Mastering Elden Ring’s Unique Build

1. Choose a Build That Aligns With Your Playstyle

One of the essential things when it comes to mastering Elden Ring’s unique build is to choose a build that aligns with your playstyle. Different playstyles require different builds, and therefore, it is a wise move to choose a build that suits you best. For instance, if you love playing close combat, the strength build would be an ideal option, while a player who enjoys casting spells should consider the intelligence build.

2. Experiment with Different Builds

The beauty of Elden Ring’s build system is that it allows players to experiment with various character builds. As such, gamers should try out different builds and discover how each build impacts gameplay. Experimenting with different builds can also help players discover new skills that they can use.

3. Focus on the Strength of Your Build

Players should focus on the strengths of their builds. For instance, players with a strength build should focus on increasing the character’s power, while those with an intelligence build should focus on increasing the character’s magic capabilities. By exploiting the strengths of their character builds, players boost their gaming experience and increase their chances of success.

4. Improve Your Skills

Mastering Elden Ring’s unique build system demands that players improve their gaming skills. They should learn how to dodge, block, and parry correctly. Players should also learn the most effective way to attack and build up combos. A player who can effectively maneuver and fight with their character builds can dominate the game.

5. Plan Your Attack

Players should plan their attack strategies based on their build. This involves utilizing the build’s strengths and exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies. Proper planning increases the chances of success and leads to a more strategic playstyle that can provide a rewarding gaming experience.


Mastering Elden Ring’s unique build system requires players to make smart choices regarding how they build their characters. By understanding the fundamentals of the build system and aligning their builds with their playstyle, players can improve their gaming experience. Experimenting with different builds, focusing on the strengths, improving one’s skills, and planning attacks are essential strategies for dominating the game.


1. Can I create a hybrid build in Elden Ring?

Yes, you can create a hybrid build by investing in a combination of the strength, dexterity, and intelligence attributes.

2. How long does it take to master Elden Ring’s unique build system?

Mastering Elden Ring’s build system can take some time, but players can accelerate the process by experimenting with different builds, practicing their skills, and planning their strategies effectively.

3. Does the build system replace the traditional leveling system in Elden Ring?

No, the build system is an addition to the traditional leveling system in Elden Ring, providing players with more options regarding how they can build their characters.

4. Can I change my build midway through the game?

No, once you have chosen a build at the beginning of the game, you cannot change it, so it is crucial to make a well-informed decision.

5. How important is planning when it comes to Elden Ring’s build system?

Planning is crucial in Elden Ring’s build system, as it helps players discover the strengths and weaknesses of their builds, developing strategies that can lead to successful gameplay.

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