Master the Art of Death’s Poker in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Character

The upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring has gamers everywhere eagerly anticipating its release. Developed by FromSoftware and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring promises to deliver an immersive and challenging gaming experience. One of the key elements of the game is mastering the art of Death’s Poker, a unique and skillful combat system. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the mechanics of the game, the different builds available, and provide tips on how to successfully build your character to master Death’s Poker.

Mechanics of Death’s Poker

Death’s Poker is a combat system that requires the player to strategically use their weapon and defense techniques to overcome enemies. It is a highly skill-based system that rewards players who can master its intricacies. In order to succeed in Death’s Poker, players must first understand the different types of attacks that enemies can perform. These include standard attacks, heavy attacks, and special attacks, each with its own unique properties.

Standard attacks are quick and deal moderate damage. Heavy attacks deal more damage but are slower and more telegraphed, allowing enemies to easily dodge or counterattack. Special attacks are powerful and often require specific conditions to be met, such as using a certain weapon type or hitting a specific area on the enemy.

In addition to understanding attack types, players must also master defense techniques. This involves using dodges, parries, and blocks to avoid or mitigate enemy attacks. Dodging is the most basic technique, allowing players to quickly move out of the way of incoming attacks. Parrying involves timing a block just before an enemy attack lands, which leaves the enemy open to a counterattack. Blocking involves using a shield to absorb the brunt of an attack, but can leave players vulnerable to chip damage or stamina depletion.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the mechanics of Death’s Poker, let’s move on to building your character.

Building Your Character

There are several different builds available in Elden Ring, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose a build that fits your playstyle, but also complements the mechanics of Death’s Poker. Here are the most common builds in Elden Ring:

– Strength Build: This build focuses on high damage output and uses heavy weapons such as hammers or greatswords. It is a slower build, but deals massive damage and can stagger enemies easily.
– Dexterity Build: This build focuses on speed and uses lighter weapons such as daggers or bows. It relies on mobility and quick strikes, making it a good choice for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle.
– Magic Build: This build focuses on using spells and magic to deal damage. It can be a tricky build to master, but can deal massive damage from range and has the potential to stun enemies.
– Hybrid Build: This build combines strength and dexterity to create a versatile build that can deal damage and dodge attacks effectively. It is a good choice for players who want a well-rounded character.

It is important to note that while these are the most common builds, they are not the only ones available. Some players prefer to create their own unique builds that cater to their unique playstyle.

Tips for Mastering Death’s Poker

Now that we have covered the basics of Death’s Poker and building your character, let’s move on to some tips for successfully mastering the combat system.

– Practice, practice, practice: The only way to truly master Death’s Poker is through practice. Take the time to learn attack patterns, defensive techniques, and how to effectively use your chosen build.
– Don’t get greedy: One of the most common mistakes new players make is getting too greedy with their attacks. It is important to know when to attack and when to back off in order to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
– Manage your stamina: Stamina is a crucial part of Death’s Poker. Make sure to monitor your stamina bar and avoid using attacks that will drain it too quickly.
– Study your enemies: Each enemy in Elden Ring has its own unique attack and defense patterns. Take the time to study your enemies and learn their weak points in order to effectively defeat them.
– Be patient: Death’s Poker requires patience and careful planning. Rushing in blindly will only lead to frustration and defeat.

In conclusion, mastering the art of Death’s Poker in Elden Ring requires skill, strategy, and dedication. Choose a build that fits your playstyle, practice your combat techniques, and approach each battle with patience and care. With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to becoming a master of Death’s Poker. As always, remember to have fun and embrace the challenge!


1. Can I switch between builds in Elden Ring?
Yes, you can switch between builds at any time by changing your equipped gear and weapons.

2. What is the best build for beginners?
A hybrid build is a good choice for beginners as it provides a versatile character and allows players to explore different aspects of combat.

3. Can I create my own unique build?
Yes, you can create your own unique build by experimenting with different weapons and gear to cater to your playstyle.

4. Is Death’s Poker difficult to learn?
Death’s Poker can be challenging to learn at first, but with practice and dedication, players can become proficient in the combat system.

5. What happens if I die in Elden Ring?
When you die in Elden Ring, you respawn at the last checkpoint you visited. However, you will lose any unspent experience points and must retrieve them from your place of death in order to level up your character.

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