Master the Art of Death’s Poker: A Guide to Elden Ring’s Lethal Build

Master the Art of Death’s Poker: A Guide to Elden Ring’s Lethal Build

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated video games of all time, with its arrival expected to make a huge splash in the gaming community. In this game, players will have to master a variety of deadly techniques, including the art of Death’s Poker. This guide will teach you how to master the art of Death’s Poker, and develop a lethal build that will aid you in your survival in Elden Ring.

What is Death’s Poker?

Death’s Poker is a technique that involves surprising your enemies with quick and deadly strikes. It focuses on exploiting your enemy’s vulnerabilities and catching them off-guard, making them powerless against your attacks. This technique is particularly effective against tougher enemies who would otherwise be impervious to regular attacks.

Creating a Lethal Build

To create a lethal build for Death’s Poker, you need to concentrate on several key areas. Your build should prioritize strength, dexterity, agility, and endurance, which will make your attacks both powerful and swift. Additionally, having high vitality and resistance stats will ensure that you can sustain hits and keep fighting even when damaged.

Weapons and Armor

Choosing the right weapons and armor is vital to a successful Death’s Poker build. Your weapons should be fast, sharp, and deadly, like daggers or katanas, allowing you to strike quickly and mercilessly. When it comes to armor, a light build is ideal as it provides you with greater speed and mobility, allowing you to maneuver around your enemies and strike at their weaknesses.


To master Death’s Poker, you need to have a sound technique. This technique involves carefully observing your enemies, learning their patterns and movements, and exploiting their weaknesses. Use your speed and agility to dodge their attacks and then counterattack quickly and decisively. Use critical strikes and timed parries to take your enemies by surprise, and never give them a chance to recover.

Perks and Abilities

To further enhance your Death’s Poker build, it is essential to invest in perks and abilities. Having perks that increase critical damage and weapon proficiency is crucial as it will amplify the damage of your attacks. Additionally, unlocking abilities that increase your mobility and dodging will make it much easier to avoid enemy attacks, enabling you to strike more efficiently.


Mastering the art of Death’s Poker is a crucial component in Elden Ring, and developing a lethal build is essential to surviving in the game. By focusing on strength, dexterity, agility, and endurance, and choosing the correct weapons and armor, you will be able to strike your enemies quickly and efficiently. By carefully observing your enemies and exploiting their weaknesses, using critical strikes and timed parries, and investing in perks and abilities that augment your mobility and attack effectiveness, you’ll be taking the gaming world by storm!


1. How do I improve my technique for Death’s Poker?

To improve your technique, you need to practice constantly, observe your enemies, and learn their patterns and movements. Mastering critical strikes and timed parries are also essential.

2. How do I choose the right weapons for my Death’s Poker build?

Choose weapons that are fast, lethal, and easy to handle, like daggers, katanas or swords.

3. Can I focus on different stats for my Death’s Poker build?

Yes, you can, but strength, dexterity, agility, and endurance are the key stats you should focus on.

4. Should I focus on light or heavy armor for Death’s Poker?

Light armor is recommended since it provides better speed and mobility, allowing for more effective dodges and counterattacks.

5. Do I need to invest in perks and abilities to master Death’s Poker?

Yes, investing in perks and abilities that increase damage, mobility, and weapon proficiency will significantly enhance your Death’s Poker build.

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