Mass Effect Legendary Edition is One of The Last Great Classics to Be Safe from Censorship

Censorship - They are Coming:

You already know that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remaster, upgrade, enhanced version of the original Mass Effect trilogy of video games. Bioware pretty much reached the top of the mountain with this franchise and also reached the bottom of hell with the last entry Mass Effect Andromeda, but this is not about Andromeda, rather, it is how our classic video games are being attacked by people who fail to accept that not everything is going to include anyone and everything in a happy utopian fantasy where no one is hurt and we are all represented in a equal and perfect manner. 

Mirandas butt

The alleged “problem”

As you have already heard Mass Effect Trilogy, Legendary, I might add, because that is how EA the corporate money hungry monster of a goliath that owns a ton of our precious video game IPs is calling the, shadow, of Bioware newest “game” which has been attacked for not including new cultural accepted norms. 

Let me start with the most popular of them all which is the censorship you could say of “butts” in Mass Effect; more specifically Miranda’s. She is a genetically enhanced human that is supposed to have the best attributes of her species that being that of the humans, more, specifically the female one.

She is obviously supposed to be the equivalent of an OnlyFans, Instagram supermodel that came to be because she probably was the fantasy or the combination of multiple fantasies of a mostly male heterosexual oriented developer team that happened to be making Mass Effect at the time.

She is a creation derived of “fantasy” such as the game she is in. The issue people found with her was that the camera angles in which the conversations she would have were overly focused on her peach emoji of a behind (butt). I personally think 💭 that they were. I also personally think that as a “remaster” time and resources should be utilized at improving and not reimagining the game by staying as close to the original as possible with a focus on graphics and gameplay improvements and not a reimagining of it as I mentioned before and not using such resources, specially, to figure out if a butt is being overly used in an adult rated video game. 

mass effect legendary edition logo

Slippery Slope of Censorship

I want them to fix the ending (but it’s a remaster for goodness sake) but they won’t and I shared that cause I don’t like the ending like most of you.

The gameplay, specially, combat on the first and second game, but mostly the first Mass Effect needs to be improved and I’m glad they seem to be doing it.

The camera angles don’t fall in graphics or gameplay to me, at least, for this game. I don’t mind it though, but I do mind the fact that some people and you know who they are aren’t happy with their lives and the world as a whole so they go on ahead and try to change such world to what they believe is happiness. 

The game has changed the camera angles to make Miranda’s cutscenes or moments be more “serious” and less fan service and that’s fine, but it is the push behind it and if taken further that I don’t like. Evidence of that is the fact that they tried to push the game to include romance options that did not exist originally in the game.

That is where I find issue with the reasons behind the censorship of this game. Yes it could be considered a graphics change and not as dramatic as changing the shooting mechanics of the first Mass Effect, but the motives behind the butt censorship are a slippery slope since the people pushing for them are a black hole of happiness. PS the developers did stop with the butt censorship and did not proceed to satisfy this black hole. 

Cyberpunk censorship Mass Effect censorship

It does not end:

If the goal is to make it more respectful towards Miranda; I applaud that, but they didn’t stop there and wanted to the developers to add romance options that weren’t there since the original.

That to me is the same reasoning as to criticizing Cyberpunk 2077 for “forcing” players to choose Male or Female V. The game did not come with that as part of its core, source material, original vision hence forth it didn’t. 

If the game comes with the as part of its source material or original vision than go at it and create a rich and interesting world for a video game, but don’t force developers to have to accommodate all and everything just to make sure they don’t hurt or exclude anyone; it is impossible.

Let the family unit, friends, neighborhood, religion/beliefs, culture teach the individual who is the developer; whom later can turn all of that and his or her own beliefs into a view which later such developer can create a unique view then share that view thru a piece of entertainment like Mass Effect did for the original developers. 

Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t have more than male and female as the foundation of the main character as to its sex and that is okay. Let another game showcase a view of world with more than those two, but don’t force it. Mass Effect did not have much variety as to genders in its original universe and it had less for its sex classification and that is fine!

If the new Mass Effect does have more than it is fine as long as that was part of the foundation or original vision for that specific game. Don’t go back into a classic and add stuff that just wasn’t part of it in any way shape or form. 

Let us be careful with the idea of making everything perfectly harmful free and completely inclusive, because it is not possible to have perfection. Don’t purposely deny it either for we are humans and ever changing is our nature and aiming for the better change is good, but do not do it artificially like a robot would okay!
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