Linear vs Tactile Switch: Which Is The Best Choice For Your Keyboard?

Linear vs Tactile Switch: Which Is The Best Choice For Your Keyboard?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, choosing the right switch can be a difficult decision. There are two popular types of switches – linear and tactile. Each type has its pros and cons, and the decision ultimately depends on personal preference. In this article, we will discuss the differences between linear and tactile switches and help you choose the best one for your keyboard.

1. What Are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are the simplest types of switches. They have a smooth action and offer a consistent force throughout the keystroke. When you press down on a linear switch, the key travels straight down without any tactile feedback. The switches rely solely on the force of your finger hitting the key to register the keystroke.

2. What Are Tactile Switches?

Tactile switches, on the other hand, provide a bump or click sensation as you press down on the key. This feedback informs you that the key has been registered. Tactile switches can have different levels of feedback, from a small bump to a pronounced click. They have a more complex structure than linear switches, which makes them more expensive.

3. How Do Linear and Tactile Switches Affect Typing?

The difference between linear and tactile switches can significantly affect your typing experience. Linear switches provide a smooth typing experience that is well-suited for gaming and fast typing. Since there is no bump, it is easier to hit the keys quickly and accurately. The sound level of linear switches is lower, making them an excellent choice for quiet environments.

Tactile switches have a tactile feedback that requires a little more force to type. They provide a more satisfying typing experience for those who enjoy a distinct tactile feedback. Tactile switches are ideal for typing-intensive tasks, such as writing, as they give you a better idea of when each keystroke is registered. The sound level of tactile switches is higher than linear switches.

4. What Are The Best Brands for Linear and Tactile Switches?

The most popular brands for linear switches are Cherry MX Red, Gateron Red, and the Kailh Red. For those who enjoy tactile switches, Cherry MX Brown, Gateron Brown, and Kailh Brown switches are the most popular. However, there are several other brands, such as Zealios, Box switches, and more, that offer high-quality switches.

5. Which Switch Is Right for You?

Choosing the right switch depends on your personal preference and typing style. If you require a keyboard for gaming or fast typing, then linear switches are the best choice. The smooth action of the switch allows for quick and accurate typing, and the low sound level ensures that your environment remains quiet.

If you are a writer, programmer, or spend a lot of time on your keyboard, then tactile switches may be the better choice. The tactile feedback informs you that each keystroke has been registered, so you don’t have to keep looking at the screen to ensure that it’s correct. Furthermore, the sound level of tactile switches may provide you with a more satisfying typing experience.


Choosing between linear and tactile switches is a personal preference. Linear switches are suitable for gaming and fast typing, while tactile switches are better for those who enjoy a pronounced tactile feedback. Ensure to choose the switch that suits your typing style and environment preference.

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