KKona Meaning: Is this the real American emote?

Written by Oleksandr

April 27, 2021

kkona meaning and origin

KKona Meaning : An emoticon a world of meanings

kkona meaning

The KKona Twitch emote is most commonly used as slang for “American” or “Redneck” when someone does something stereotypically American. It can often be seen spammed in a chatroom where the streamer often does things that seem exaggerated to the rest of the world. It’s definitely not the best of emoticons, but there are much worse ones out there.

Released: Between 2010 and 2018

The true and obscure origin of the KKona emote
The Kkona emote is based on Twitch streamer Konas “Kona” Korner. He was also a streamer back in the days of Justin.tv. The emote is used when someone does something stereotypically American or acts like a redneck, all those dumb and dumber things typically stereotyped as American.

The KKona emote is from a photo taken with actress Danielle Spencer of What’s Happening when they met at Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con in 2010.

How to use the KKona emote

The KKona emote is available if you subscribe to the Kona channel (which will also get you the golden KKona, a possible nod to the legendary golden Kappa) or as a BTTV emote. If you have the BTTV browser extension, you can use the emote for free and display it when others use it.

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