July 22nd – What Comes Next?


As of July 22nd 2020 Mixer is officially closing their doors and hands the keys to the kingdom over to Facebook Gaming. Not only leaving thousands of viewers out in the rain, but this move brings uncertainty to non-partnered streamers as well as partnered streamers. 

As a fellow Mixer streamer I want to answer the questions: What comes next? Which platform should you move to? How do you bring your audience over in the most efficient way?


What comes next? Which platform is the best one?

 Now that we all digested the news of our platform Mixer shutting down. What comes next? No matter if you agreed with the decision or not you now have the choice to pack your things and move to Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming or Twitch. Each platform brings their own unique advantages and disadvantages with it and wherever you go, you will have to call home.

Facebook Gaming tries to bring as many viewers and streamers over to their platform and has some intriguing incentives to offer. If you unlocked Mixer partnership during your time on the platform, you can go to Facebook Gaming and will be granted partnership on their platform as well. This gives you access to monetization options right away, however this does not do you any good if the audience is not moving as well. Facebook Gaming is a young but promising streaming platform, and backed up by Facebook with access to deep pockets. If you choose to go to Facebook, you are guaranteed that the platform will be around, unlike Mixer. Even if you were not a Mixer partner, enabling monetization and joining the Level Up Program, is fairly easy to do. Overall Facebook is a solid option to consider, however, it cannot compete with the viewership Twitch or YouTube Gaming has to offer. If you want to grow with an up and coming platform, Facebook Gaming might be just right for you, but do keep in mind, the seiling on the platform is not that high.

YouTube Gaming, the second largest search engine in the world, owned by the largest search engine sounds like a good fit to call home. If you have an audience on YouTube you might be thinking about moving your stream over to YouTube as well, and putting all eggs in one basket. While it is extremely unlikely that YouTube will ever go out of business, do keep in mind, if it does, you lost it all. YouTube Gaming overall is a solid platform, well known, but in the end, known for video content, not live streaming content. The platform has a lot of changes to implement to give livestreams a fair chance when it comes to competing with videos.

Twitch, the mother of live streaming is your third and last option. It is well known that the platform is most difficult to grow and survive on, but at the same time the most rewarding as well. Twitch owns more than two thirds of the market and brings the most opportunities to the table, if you can come up with a growth strategy and not drown in the pool of about three million monthly streamers. What makes Twitch so tempting is that most of Mixer’s streamers, partner and non-partner have announced that they will be moving to Twitch, therefore most of their audience will be moving to Twitch. Twitch is a well known platform that is proven to work if you put in the right strategies and time, which is comforting to a lot of the former Mixer streamers. 


How should you actually go about moving your audience?

No matter how much time and work you put into transferring your audience over, you won’t be able to move 100% of your following over. This is important to understand so you do not get frustrated when you have fully made your move. While we all got very angry when Mixer announced their resignation, the smart move is to keep streaming on the platform until the doors are officially closed. Decide which platform you want to move on, after clearing your head and doing your research on. When you have picked a platform, take a day to set up your profile on the new platform. During your last streams on Mixer, create alerts that say “thank you for following me, however I will be moving to …”. Going along with your alerts, link your new streaming profile visible on all socials and mention it as often as you can, without sounding desperate. This will give everyone who cares about your content enough time to follow you to whatever platform you decide to move to.

With all that being said, I personally moved to Twitch, because my whole network I create on Mixer, moved to Twitch, and therefore most of my community moved with it. Taking into account where your network is going, is in my opinion one of the most important factors to consider.

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