The bizarre adventure of Jojo Eyes of heaven Switch and PS4


Jojo Eyes of heaven Switch is a game featured on PS3 and PS4. It features about 52 different characters ranging from JoJolion to Phantom Blood and was released on January 15, 2015. If you are interested in trying it out and playing it, you might want to check out everything about it so that you would know if it is worthy of your time. Below are some of the things you would want to know about it.


This game is known as a 3D action game, and it is based on Jojo’s Bizzare adventure manga, so the locations are set on the arenas that are the same as it was. The game format goes in 2 versus two matches between four players. You can play with someone else, and then you will be facing two CPUs. Jojo Eyes of heaven Switch does not allow local players to do multiplayer but only online multiplayer on both one on 1 and 2 vs. two matches. The team needs to empty the team’s health before the round ends in the match. The characters have their basic attacks and a string of combinations that they can use. Every character has their own unique skill, a powerful ability that inflicts greater damage to their opponent. You need to take advantage of different combinations so that you can inflict more damage on your opponent. However, it would be important to know that the more that you inflict damage, the greater the time you would need to cool down.


When it comes to defense, you can block an attack to reduce the damage that you take. There are a lot of different defensive combinations as well, such as sidestepping or short sidestep. The best part about sidestepping is that you can cancel out attacks and extend your ground combos. There are some matchups between characters that have some dialogues, so you will understand more about what is happening between them.

Style actions

Every character in the game has a style of action, a special ability that only they have. It is a special skill that can be an attacking style or an ability to use. Characters such as Koichi Hirose would take the form of their core abilities, while Jotaro Kujo would have some limited-use ability. Style actions have some common grounds that they are unique to each character. After all, it shows how a character fights in combat. It s a good way to showcase the differences between characters so that the player can get to know them better.

jojo eyes of heaven

Story mode

Besides the regular fights that you can play with online players, there is also a story mode that involves a level system where there is an ability three for every character, and you can play them to level up. Story mode battles and missions are used to gain XP to level up to 50. Characters are available in the story mode with lowered stats so that you can go on a journey to improve them. In the game Jojo Eyes of heaven Switch, different parameters can be unlocked by fighting using the characters that you have selected. You gain points and experience as you keep on fighting, and eventually, you unlock specific techniques and improve the stats that have been assigned to your character. Stats like attack strength and health grow automatically without using up your points so that you can save it up for something else. Every after a fight, there will be rewards given to the players, and they can be costumes and other things. The rewards depend on what grade you got from the battle. The grades range from D, C, B, A, and S. Besides recovering skills and abilities, some other things are considered part of the character’s core abilities.

Battle styles

There are also a lot of different battle styles that the characters have. For example, there is a Ripple user, a vampire, a stand user, eyes of heaven, and more skills that you can encounter in the game. You will be able to see them from time to time, and once you get to encounter them, you will also know how much damage they can cost so that you can calculate it for the next time you choose a character.


You might think that everything is completely based on the manga Jojo Eyes of heaven Switch, but it is actually not. You will be able to enjoy an original storyline that has been supervised by Hirohiko Araki that would center on the major timeline and the universal interference within the story that affects all the characters throughout all the arcs.


The stages are designed to be large and dynamic with different altitudes so that you can enjoy it as if you are there. You will be able to enjoy it out and see just how it is going to work out for you. Below are some of the stages that you might want to anticipate.

jojo eyes of heaven switch for PC

Joestar mansion

Stage one involves players getting close to broken windows and zombies grabbing them by surprise. Throughout matches, there will be raging fires that might grow intensity and cause damage to the player. When the loser is determined, they will be thrown onto the Love Goddess’s statue.

Air supplena island

This one has spikes that bring damage to all characters except Ripple user, vampire, and some Pillar men characters. This is why it is important to use these characters for these levels, so you get the advantage.

Nightmare world

Death Thirteen appears in this stage and attacks the players. The good news is that it has a health bar that can be attacked and defeated by the players.

Street rooftops

In Cairo, there will be street rooftops, and players that get knocked on the AIR sign that is in neon lights will get damaged because of being electrocuted. When the match ends, the loser is sent crashing to the water tower.

Jojo Eyes of Heaven PC Download

You can find the full guide and tutorial on how to download and emulate the game on PC in the description of the youtube video,  if you like our content check out other articles like this in our Blog

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