January Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide

Another year and another month bring with it another set of monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide! 

Let’s get ready to rumble:

1 – 4    

     One of the easy Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest is the Gears 5 Hivebusters because all you need to do is earn 1 achievement and it can be any of them. If you are late to the game it’ll be as easy as following the video above and if you already have that one don’t worry go ahead and look for another one anywhere and trust me you will find the achievement you are looking for. 

2 – 4    

     This Xbox Game Pass Quest is easier than my video makes it look. I was sick with the flu and I decided to get these Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide out and the quality took a hit for that, but you can still make something out it trust me. 

3 – 4  

   This is a repeated Xbox Game Pass Quest from last year. It is a walk in the park and if you look at the original video of this quest you can see that progress is a real thing that happens.

     4 – 4

     Call me an Otaku or not, but this Xbox Game Pass Quest is easy! I had to record it twice for you, because the Japanese music labels are tight wads and they hit me so I had to re-record it all without their annoying repeating music. 

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