Is Your Pokemon Disobeying? Here’s What You Need to Know

Title: Is Your Pokemon Disobeying? Here’s What You Need to Know


Pokemon, which stands for “Pocket Monsters,” is one of the most beloved franchises around the world. It’s a game that revolves around capturing, training, and battling with fictional creatures called Pokemon. In the game, trainers strive to build a strong bond with their Pokemon to achieve success. However, despite your best efforts, your Pokemon may start disobeying you. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explore why your Pokemon is disobeying you and what you can do about it.

Reasons Why Your Pokemon Is Disobeying

1. The Friendship Level is too Low:

In the Pokemon game, Friendship Level is a significant factor in a Pokemon’s behavior. A low friendship level is the primary reason for disobedience. A Pokemon’s rage is an accurate reflection of its friendship level. When a Pokemon is unhappy, it is more likely to disobey its trainer’s commands. To increase your Pokemon’s friendship level, you can utilize different methods, including:

– Battling with your Pokemon
– Giving it massages or grooming
– Using vitamins to improve its stats
– Feeding it with its preferred food or berries

2. You’re Overusing Commands:

It’s common to see trainers spamming their Pokemon with orders. This tactic may work for some Pokemon, but others may get disobedient. A Pokemon will obey a command if it understands the goal of the command. If you keep spamming commands without giving it a chance to understand, it may start to disobey. Allow your Pokemon to comprehend every instruction before proceeding with more commands.

3. Your Pokemon is Not Strong Enough:

Another reason your Pokemon may disobey you is that it is not strong enough. Every Pokemon has a level, and a higher level Pokemon will obey you more. Suppose you have a low-level Pokemon and are trying to fight a high-level opponent. In that case, your Pokemon may disobey you as it knows that it’s not strong enough to take on that challenge. To solve this, you can level up your Pokemon by battling with it, using experience points or Rare Candies, and evolving it.

4. Your Pokemon is Affected by Status Conditions:

Status conditions such as sleep, confusion, and paralysis affect your Pokemon’s behavior. When a Pokemon is hit by a status condition, it will experience difficulty following your commands. It may also start disobeying you. To fix this, use items such as Antidotes, Awakening, and Paralyze Heals to heal your Pokemon.

What You Can Do About Your Disobedient Pokemon

1. Give it Time:

The first thing you can do is give your Pokemon some time. Remember that your Pokemon is its entity, and its behavior can change overnight. Keep working with your Pokemon, and it will eventually learn to follow your commands.

2. Increase the Friendship Level:

Increasing the friendship level is the best and most effective way to end disobedient behavior. Work on improving your Pokemon’s friendship level by performing actions that raise its status. By doing this, you’ll create a bond with your Pokemon, and it will start following your orders.

3. Be Patient:

Patience is an attribute you require when trying to train your Pokemon. It’s essential to be patient and understand what your Pokemon needs. Every Pokemon is unique and has a different personality that affects their behavior. By figuring out your Pokemon’s personality, you’ll learn how to train it correctly.


In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is a common issue that can be resolved through diligent attention to your Pokemon’s needs. The reasons mentioned above are some of the most common reasons why your Pokemon may disobey you. By following the tips mentioned above, you can prevent the issue from occurring or fix the problem. Remember to be patient with your Pokemon and keep its happiness and friendship level high.


1. Can a Pokemon disobey in real life?

Ans: No, Pokemon disobedience is limited to the games only.

2. What impact does happiness have on a Pokemon?

Ans: A high happiness level leads to obedience and increased experience points.

3. Can I use any berries to increase my Pokemon’s friendship level?

Ans: No, only specific berries increase your Pokemon’s friendship level.

4. Can you force a Pokemon to obey?

Ans: No, you cannot make Pokemon obey. You need to work on increasing its friendship level to make it obey.

5. Do status conditions affect all Pokemon?

Ans: Yes, all Pokemon can be affected by status conditions such as sleep, confusion, and paralysis.

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