Is Jurassic World Evolution Free? YES… for $10 a Month.

How well does Jurassic World Evolution bring your childhood dreams of owning a dinosaur to life? Thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you don’t have to wait or spend much time or money to find out.

Jurassic World Evolution on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S brings you the best version of the video game available. The Xbox Series X delivers 4K at 30 FPS sharp.

It is a disappointment that it does not offer a 60fps mode, but for the budget of the game and the genre that it belongs in plus the fact that it is, at the end of the day, a movie video game don’t be surprised that it will not push the boundaries of video game graphics and performance. 

It still does look gorgeous and if you have played the old Jurassic Park, pun intended, park building video games on PlayStation 2 or original Xbox then you are going to love how beautiful the dinosaurs look in this version of Jurassic World Evolution.

The dinosaur models sound and look amazing even on the Xbox Series S which plays the game at 1080p resolution with 30 FPS. It definitely looks blurry on this console, but it runs just as good as the Xbox Series X when it comes to performance. 

The separating feature besides fast, less than 45 seconds, loading times from these new Xbox devices, when compared to the old Xbox One consoles, is the Quick Resume feature. It allows you to switch between video games on the Xbox Series X|S with ease and in less than 5-7 seconds you are playing around with your very own park which is something the old Xbox One X and Xbox One S just can’t do. 

The Xbox One X version of the game looks just as sharp as the Xbox Series X delivering what looks like to be 4K at 30fps, but the Xbox One X cannot maintain it at all times with the occasional drop, but if you have VRR or FreeSync it looks and plays just as good as it does on the Xbox Series X. The one thing you can’t have is Quick Resume and short loading times, but no deal breaker for Xbox One X owners. 

This version of Jurassic World Evolution is the most troubled version of the video game. It tries to maintain a 30 FPS lock at what looks like to be 1080p, but it cannot.

The console struggles to maintain it pretty much at any point once you build a big enough park or there are storms and other things going around. I would not say that it makes it unplayable, but it definitely makes it chaotic and playing for long sessions of many hours I would argue it gets really hard to keep playing.

The saving grace here is FreeSync and VRR which if you have definitely helps the experience be a lot smoother, but it will still struggle in occasions yet makes it more bearable for sure.

I still Hope that we will be able to get all Xbox One games to be updated/enhanced with the FPS Boost mode that Microsoft and Xbox have slowly starting to release which if you would like to learn more you can check out my video above.

Before I head out I would like to invite you to try and earn your Microsoft Rewards Points so you can redeem them for free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the video above this paragraph will show you how you can do it for yourself or come over to my YouTube channel and I will be giving away one free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate once I reach 3000 subscribers and every month after that there will be giveaways.

In short if you have an Xbox One S I highly recommend that you get a TV or monitor that supports FreeSync or VRR for a much better experience. The Xbox One X and the other two consoles are pretty much stable enough that I can recommend any version, but because of the nature of how small things can get in the game I recommend going for the high-resolution version of Jurassic World Evolution.

My name is Endwar and I will show you the power of console gaming.
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