Is g fuel worth it?

GFuel established in 2012 with the mission to replace sugary unhealthy energy drinks with a healthier sugar-free experience. There is no doubt that GFuel is one of the largest energy drinks marketed for gamers and esports in North America sponsoring almost every esports event and most of the big esports team and athletes, but is it really a healthier alternative to sugary traditional energy drinks? Is its formula unique and can uphold the claims? GFuel promises to make you a better game by raising your level of alertness, providing you with a better reaction time, long time focus and no crash in the end. 

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What exactly is Gfuel?

The first association customers and concerned parents have with Gfuel is the lead warning on the label that followed a lawsuit back in 2017. The lawsuit was filed due to no lead warning on Gfuel’s label prior to 2017. Gfuel contains trace amounts of lead in any of their products due to the natural ingredients used, especially for their antioxidant complex. Should you be concerned about the lead warning on the label? The short answer is No! The trace amounts of lead are so small, that even ingesting 1000 servings of Gfuel all at once, the lead would do no harm. However DO NOT ingest 1000 servings at once since its other ingredients will be harmful in this amount. Can Gfuel uphold their claims and is it a safe product to consume? Yes, Gfuel can be beneficial and increase awareness in some players. Because their products are all sugar free consumers will not experience a crash afterwards either. Gfuel has accomplished their mission of providing a better and healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. 


Is Gfuel really as healthy as claimed?

On the surface Gfuel sounds and looks like a well rounded product suitable for any player of any games at any age, however there are some points worth addressing and taking into consideration before consuming Gfuel. 

Gfuel claims to be a sugar free energy drink but a closer look at the nutrition label reveals 25 calories per serving. These 25 calories originate from 5g of carbohydrate but no sugar or fiber is listed. Those 5g of carbohydrates are due to the addition of maltodextrin into the product. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide and is as rapidly absorbed by the body as glucose, a simple sugar, is. Adding maltodextrin to the product allows Gfuel to list the product as sugar free, but still provide the benefits and energy of sugar. If maltodextrin is handled by the body exactly like simple sugar and provides the same calories and energy as sugar, is it not the same as sugar? In short terms, yes and this is where the first problem surfaces. Since maltodextrin is handled exactly like sugar in the body, it can also raise the consumer’s blood sugar levels. This is important to know for diabetics who need to track every single gram of sugar consumed. The only way to account for those sugars is to go through the ingredient list which for the average consumer can be difficult to read and discouraging. Maltodextrin should be listed by Gfuel on their website so potential diabetic customers can easily access this information, account for the 5g of maltodextrin and enjoy the product.

Another ingredient raising concerns in any energy drink is caffeine. Per serving Gfuel offers 150mg of caffeine which is right in the middle of what competitors offer. Caffeine often raises concerns in parents wondering how much caffeine their teenagers or children can consume. In the United States of America the FDA, Food and Drug Association, does not provide guidelines or recommendations for caffeine. The only information given is that 400mg are considered safe which is an equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee per day, however US pediatricians recommend young children and teenagers to stay away from caffeine all together. Canada provides some guidelines, recommending no more than 85mg of caffeine per day for children under the age of 12 years. Caffeine is generally considered safe to consume, however it can become an addiction for some individuals. The body builds up a tolerance to caffeine overtime, so more and more caffeine is required overtime to achieve the same results as were achieved the first time.

At the end of the day there is a reason why Gfuel is so popular. Besides their advanced marketing campaigns and perfectly targeting the esports industry and young gamers, they do provide a sound product. Gfuel is a safe product to consume and even consumed on a daily basis, it does not cause any harm. The product delivers what it promises it would, at least as well as any other company on the market upholding their promises. Does Gfuel make you a better gamer? No, Gfuel does not increase an individual’s skill in the game simply by ingesting the product. Is Gfuel bad for you or safe to consume? It is not bad for any individuals and it is safe to consume.
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