Is Elden Ring’s ‘Can’t See Friends’ Sign Breaking the Game’s Multiplayer Experience?

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game from game developer FromSoftware, known for their wildly successful Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. This highly anticipated game features a vast open-world with seamless multiplayer integration. However, players have recently taken to social media to voice their displeasure over a particular feature in the game – the “Can’t See Friends” sign. In this article, we will dive into this controversial issue and explore whether this sign is breaking the game’s multiplayer experience.

What is the “Can’t See Friends” Sign?

The “Can’t See Friends” sign is a warning message that appears when players try to join a friend’s session if certain conditions are not met. For instance, if the player has not completed a certain level or if the region they are in is not compatible with multiplayer, the sign appears, prohibiting them from joining their friend’s session.

This feature is not new to FromSoftware games, as the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series also had similar mechanics in place. However, players are concerned that this implementation in Elden Ring is too restrictive and may hinder their ability to enjoy the game with friends.

The Community’s Reaction

Elden Ring has a dedicated player base eagerly anticipating the game’s release. This community has expressed their concerns over the “Can’t See Friends” sign on various social media platforms, with many gamers stating that the feature is too restrictive and takes away from the game’s multiplayer experience.

Players are complaining that they cannot play with their friends unless they have completed every level, making it challenging to play with friends during the early stages of their Elden Ring journey. Additionally, the lack of custom multiplayer features has also been criticized, with players feeling that the multiplayer options in Elden Ring are a downgrade from previous FromSoftware games.

Is The “Can’t See Friends” Sign Breaking the Game’s Multiplayer Experience?

While it is understandable that players are frustrated with the “Can’t See Friends” sign’s restrictions, it is unfair to say that it is breaking the game’s multiplayer experience. FromSoftware’s games have always been notoriously challenging and require players to spend countless hours mastering their skills.

The idea behind the “Can’t See Friends” sign seems to be in line with this philosophy, ensuring that all players have experienced challenge and progress on their own before they join their friends. If players could join their friends immediately, the game’s sense of danger and the feeling of overcoming obstacles may be diminished.

Furthermore, FromSoftware has always promoted their games as solo experiences, emphasizing that the game’s difficulty is an integral part of the experience. While Elden Ring does have multiplayer features, the game’s focus is still on the single-player adventure.


It’s apparent that the “Can’t See Friends” sign in Elden Ring has provoked a debate among players. While it may be frustrating, it is not breaking the game’s multiplayer experience. FromSoftware has always emphasized challenging solo gameplay in their games, and multiplayer integration is a bonus. The sign is in place to ensure that all players have experienced the game’s challenges and progress on their own before joining their friends.


1. Will the “Can’t See Friends” sign be removed in future updates of Elden Ring?

As of now, there is no information on whether FromSoftware plans on removing the feature.

2. Can players still join random multiplayer sessions without restrictions?

The game’s multiplayer options are not as custom as previous FromSoftware games, but players can still join random sessions without the Can’t See Friends sign appearing.

3. Can I still enjoy Elden Ring with my friends, despite the sign’s restrictions?

Yes, you can still enjoy the game with friends by completing the levels and regions required for multiplayer.

4. Is Elden Ring a primarily multiplayer game?

No, Elden Ring is still primarily a single-player game with multiplayer features.

5. Will FromSoftware listen to the community’s feedback on the Can’t See Friends sign?

FromSoftware has always been responsive to community feedback, and they may make changes to the feature in response to players’ concerns.

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