Is Elden Ring’s Can’t See Friends Sign a Glitch or a Hint at the Game’s Plot?

Elden Ring is a much-awaited game that is expected to hit the gaming world soon. Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game has already created a lot of buzz online. One of the recent debates that have caught the attention of gamers is whether Elden Ring’s “Can’t See Friends” sign is a glitch or a hint at the game’s plot. In this article, we will discuss this topic in detail and explore the possibilities.

What is Elden Ring’s “Can’t See Friends” Sign?

Before we dive into the discussion, let’s first understand what Elden Ring’s “Can’t See Friends” sign is all about. As the name suggests, this sign appears when you try to summon a friend or another player to join you in the game. When you click on the summon sign, you’ll see a message saying “Cannot see (player name)”. This has left many players confused and worried, as they are unable to enjoy the multiplayer feature of the game.

Is it a Glitch or a Hint?

Now, let’s get to the main question – Is Elden Ring’s “Can’t See Friends” sign a glitch or a hint at the game’s plot? Well, the truth is that there is no clear answer to this question. It could be both or none. Here are a few possibilities that we can explore:

1. Glitch – The most obvious explanation for this sign is that it’s a glitch or bug in the game’s programming. In other words, it’s a mistake that the developers overlooked when releasing the game. This could be due to various reasons like incomplete testing, insufficient resources, or time constraints.

2. Hints at Storyline – Another possible explanation is that the “Can’t See Friends” sign is a hint at the game’s plot. Some players speculate that this could be a deliberate move by the developers to create a sense of isolation and loneliness in the game’s narrative. This could be a critical element in the game’s story, where you are stuck in a world with no one to rely on but yourself.

3. Anti-Cheat Mechanism – Few players suggest that this sign could be an anti-cheat mechanism to prevent players from exploiting the game’s multiplayer feature. This might be a way of making sure that the gameplay remains fair and balanced for everyone.

4. Network Connectivity Issues – Lastly, it’s possible that the sign is a result of network connectivity issues at the player’s end. It could be due to poor internet connection, server overload, or other technical glitches.


In conclusion, the “Can’t See Friends” sign in Elden Ring has left many players baffled, and there are no clear answers to why it exists. While some believe that it’s a glitch in the game, others speculate that it’s a hint at the game’s storyline. It’s also possible that it’s an anti-cheat mechanism or a result of network connectivity issues. Whatever the reason may be, we can only hope that the developers will address this issue soon and provide some clarity for the players.


1. Can you still play Elden Ring without multiplayer mode?
Yes, you can play Elden Ring as a single-player game as well. The multiplayer mode is an optional feature that allows you to team up with other players to explore the game’s world.

2. Are there any clues apart from the “Can’t See Friends” sign about the game’s plot?
There are no official clues or hints released by the developers about the game’s plot. However, players have been speculating based on the game’s trailer and other promotional material.

3. Is there any fix for the “Can’t See Friends” sign in Elden Ring?
Unfortunately, there is no known fix for the “Can’t See Friends” sign as of now. It’s up to the developers to address this issue in the upcoming updates.

4. How popular is Elden Ring among gamers?
Elden Ring has already gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. It’s one of the most anticipated games of this year and has garnered a lot of attention even before its release.

5. When is Elden Ring expected to release?
As of now, there is no official release date announced for Elden Ring. However, it’s speculated to hit the market later this year.

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