Is CS:GO Dying?


Is CS:GO dying? It’s a straightforward inquiry with an intricate answer. Initially, we have to characterize what it means for a game to simply ‘die’. I think you’ll concur when I state that most computer games are “dead.” People quit playing, developers quit supporting the games and they shut the servers down due a new title in the series or a new game altogether. Remember Battleborn, the enormous contender to Overwatch? It sees 19 players for every month. Yep, 19. Computer games bite the dust because of an absence of significance. As it were, just one thing matters; are individuals, despite everything, playing and sufficiently playing enough to warrant the developers attention? It gets precarious when individuals state a game is “biting the dust” when it has countless players every month. While there’s no settled upon definition, a “dying game” is a title that is imperiled and in danger of losing most of its long time players. Many highlight a quick decrease in top player number count over the previous year as proof that CS:GO is kicking the bucket. Notwithstanding, its normal player tally has remained generally consistent in the course of recent years and remains one of the most played FPS on PC.
Regardless of whether CS:GO is biting the dust is certainly not a straightforward thing to clarify, there are games that have released in recent years using a similar game type (mainly called Search & Destroy) & we have straight up young pretenders, Valorant.

The introduction of the dreaded Loot Boxes

CSGO loot box

When Valve made it conceivable to exchange skins and other items, CS:GO entered an unknown domain. Valve basically made a miniaturised scale economy fixated on the assortment of uncommon things. While it’s been to a great extent good for Valve, it has been considered pretty dirty within some circles who believe that this is encouraging gambling in a bid to earn a few more dollars over the quarter . I wasn’t long before people started gambling and scamming poor naive players out of thier very expensive skins . Most concurred that something must be done, yet for some time, it went unchecked.
Valve had had enough, in 2018, they executed new exchange constraints including a 7-day cooldown period on all trades. The cooldown period is generally disdained on the grounds that numerous players trust it debilitates individuals from responding to various fluctuations in the market, meaning that every trade had to be thought through and calculated Indeed, the presentation of new exchange restrictions corresponded with the most noticeably decline in CS:GO history. In a 3-month length (March–May 2018), CS:GO lost over 30% of its peak player base and dipped under 300,000 normal players for the first time since 2015.
Numerous players sold their skins for genuine cash . Individuals are insulted to such an extent that a request to return the standards to the ‘old way’ resulted in a petition being made which recieved 160,000 signatures. To place that in context, that is about half of the normal player tally (325,907) for the period of October 2018. The exchange network makes up one of the greatest and most closely knit communities in CS:GO. On the off chance that you can bag a super duper, high quality expensive skin that nets you over £2K, people will still use this service in game.

CSGO isnt updated that much

On the off chance that you don’t play CS:GO, it’s anything but difficult to overlook how old it is contrasted with its rivals. Delivered in 2012, CS:GO still works utilizing moderate, obsolete innovation and is a significant wellspring of disappointment for its players.
Players have griped about the servers (which are famously laggy and helpless to hacking) for a considerable length of time. CS:GO’s 64 tick servers are old contrasted with those in different games. It’s gotten so awful that numerous players are compelled to utilize third party matchmaking services (Faceit, ESEA etc) for a more solid gaming experience on 128 tick servers. Taking into account how old the game is, you’d figure Valve would in any event update the frameworks to stay with the times. Staying aware of the present norms has been a reoccurring issue with Valve. While different games are persistently producing new content for their players, CS:GO players are starving.

CSGO leak reveals all missions, coins for Operation Shattered Web | Dexerto
The arrival of updates and Operations (available DLC containing new guides, weapons, missions, and accomplishments) which utilize a battlepass type feautre has seen a monstrous drop off lately. These will in general create a ton of buzz, taking individuals back to CS:GO, yet Valve is just averaging around one per year while in other games, they are reoccuring.
Players reserve the right to feel that Valve is dismissing them. Different games (even Valve’s own Dota 2) are improving at tending to issues, giving new content, and tuning in to their locale. CS:GO has made due with its inheritance, yet on the off chance that it neglects to adjust, that great confidence will inevitably run out.

Why CS:GO isn’t dying anytime soon

Valve to change rules for CSGO Major qualification - Daily Esports

The esports scene…… One of the principle reasons CS:GO pulls in some big deal players is a direct result of its enormous prize pools. CS:GO is at present the second most popular esport behind Valve’s other pillar, Dota 2. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the numbers indicating a decrease in CS:GO’s player base? Doesn’t that influence its standing in esports? As turns out, CS:GO is more well known than any time in recent memory in light of its advancement in esports. The ascent of expert esports has made many quit playing CS:GO yet stay steadfast observers. CS:GO was the second most watched game on Twitch and Youtube in 2018 with more than 212 million hours watched. Does that sound like a perishing game?


Valve issues cease and desist orders to more than 20 CS:GO gambling sites | PC Gamer


Truly, it’s hard to determine what’s on the horizon for CS:GO. A doubter would state that players, not viewers, are the establishment of the game, and if the player base decreases anymore, it won’t last.
Then again, a self assured person would state the game is showing improvement more than ever. How could a game that is in the top five of both notoriety and viewership be biting the dust? CS:GO no longer rules esports, yet it’s a pillar of the business. Possibly, quite possibly, we’re seeing the start of the end, however I’d be distrustful of any individual who says they can hear the final breath.
In my personal opinion, CS:GO or in a wider perspective, Counter Strike dying? Have a word mate…

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