Is 60hz good for gaming? Yes!

The notion that we need to have 120hz+ for gaming is untrue! The answer to is 60hz good for gaming is a sure YES! The reasons are as follows so you can stop worrying about having the highest hz on your tv or monitor, unless, you are a competitive gamer.

Is 60hz good for gaming
is 60hz good for gaming

The Industries Standards

The industry has set their standards as to hz and their standards as to fps which are different things. The hz represent the amount of fps that the monitor or tv is capable of displaying. A 60hz refresh rate monitor or device is capable of showing you at most 60 fps so having a higher fps count, for example, 120 fps on a 60hz tv or monitor won’t help you much other than making sure you don’t ever play with anything less than 60, but it is overkill might as well lock it at 60 fps.

It is Good Enough, But…

The notion that 60hz is not good enough for gaming is just not true, unless, it is referring about a competitive game where every fps counts. Is 60hz Good For Gaming is yes, but if you are playing Fortnite, Warzone, Halo, Gears, etc than having 120hz to 240hz will help as long as you are delivering the same or in between fps counts.

I have gamed for over 5-7 years with a tv that only did 60hz with a Nintendo 64, PS2 and Xbox and it was just was enjoyable as my current 120hz LG OLED C9 with my Xbox Series X. Competitive is where 60hz is good enough, but the higher you have the more capable you will be. I pretty much maxed out my skills on Gears 5 at 60hz on my Xbox One X back in the day and now with my new set up I have come to learn that 120hz with 120 fps opens the doors for me to push my skills even further.

A Lie!

Some TV makers used to or still do say that their tv is a 120 hz or 240 hz panel with a clever tech name to that panel technology that once you read the fine print it ends up being that its real world performance is half the number they were saying it was. I noticed that with Vizio TVs that would mention 120hz and then say that in gaming mode with lower latency it was actually working at 60hz and that is no bueno! Be on the look out, but not too worried cause it is a practice that is dying.

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