iPhone 12 Biggest New Feature Is Lidar Not 120hz Display

iPhone 12 Biggest New Feature Is Lidar Not 120hz Display

120 Hz isn’t or is not going to or is the best feature on the iPhone 12. The Lidar sensor is the best and biggest feature on the iPhone 12, yes even bigger than 5G. Here’s why:

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Look we nerds love the idea of having 120 herds or 120 FPS screens on our devices because it is smoother and nicer than 60 Hz or 60 FPS, but let’s not deny the fact that going from 60 to 120 is not as drastic as going from 30 to 60. I would argue that we don’t need 120 unless you are doing hard-core competitive esports or video editing and need to be able to see your video at 24 FPS and at the same time work with 60 FPS or higher. But don’t get me wrong I enjoy and want 120 FPS on all of my devices, but there’s a difference between what you need and luxury. We can keep talking about the display but we are here to talk about something bigger and better than the display.

We are here to talk about the Lidar sensor and what it will bring to the table. For those of you who do not know the iPhone has been capable of handling augmented reality or AR for short. Android devices and other devices like Nintendo 3DS have attempted such endeavor, but to be honest the best platform is iOS because Apple has been supporting it in slowly building it throughout the years and now we are getting the device that will allow it to take its wings and take off!

We have been limited by the cameras ability to estimate or guess the deepness of things, but with this new sensor we are going to be able to instantly detect how deep, how long, how far and how tall anything is that we need in order to understand an object ahead of us; it’s going to be possible through this LIDAR sensor. I would go even to say that this will open up 3-D modeling or at least the importing of 3-D objects from our world into the virtual world seamlessly easy. If you want to be ahead of the curve and be able to monetize or in joy as a good hobby 3-D modeling then I suggest you download our content creation PDF from streaming live academy.com that can get you started on your way to understand how you could utilize this new sensor for content creation and stick out from the crowd on YouTube or streaming media‘s like twitch. (https://streamingliveacademy.com/join-us/)

To wrap things off Apple is going to release in the future, more than likely, apple augmented reality glasses that will allow to superimpose information onto the glasses for example a doctor during a surgery could wear the glasses and live information could be presented to him on the glasses instead of having to turn to the monitors in the room. Imagine being able to have a step-by-step augmented reality object super imposed on top of your object that you are trying to assemble or fix for example fixing a car engine or building your IKEA furniture.

Let me know on social media or in the comments below what you think is the future of augmented reality and how it compares to virtual reality. I personally believe that virtual reality is here to stay in it will grow, but I prefer utility features and augmented reality, personally, I believe will be more useful than virtual reality for people in the workplace. Anyway I’m excited to get the sensor and be able to use it as a full blown measuring tape! 

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