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Pokemon Go is a fun game with many different benefits in playing, and there are a lot of Pokemon in the game that you would want to catch. One of these might be Purugly Pokemon Go which originates in Sinnoh. It is a normal type of Pokemon and is listed as #432 in the Pokedex. It is a tiger cat pokemon 1m in height and 43.8kg in weight. After being fed 50 candies, it evolves from a Glameow. It is known to be intimidating and has twin tails. Below are the things that you should not miss about it.

Offensive moves

When it comes to Purugly, there are a lot of skills that it has that you can use when it comes to attacking its enemy. Here are some of those skills and the explanations behind them.

Play rough

This is one of the best charge moves when you are in a neutral fight but are more visible if you fight against a defender. You will see how effective it is when you have tried it out.


This one gains STAB and is great for using against a neutral opponent. However, it would be important to note that this does not become Super effective against all Pokemon.


This one should be chosen when you are fighting a defender and not when fighting an Electric-type such as the famous Pikachu.

Shadow Claw

This one does not have STAB but is stronger when fighting with a psychic or ghost type of Pokemon. This is a huge advantage to have and note when you know what you will be fighting with.

Aerial ace

This attack of Purugly Pokemon Go should be chosen when the opponent is weak against the flying type of attack. Knowing the different attacks and when to use them will give you a huge advantage during fights.

Defensive moves

Now that you know about the attack moves, the next thing to find out would be the defensive moves that will surely help you.


This one is more likely to be resisted when you are fighting, but it helps you gain STAB.

Aerial ace

This one is known to be a 3-bar move, which is good to use when you are fighting an attacker, but you should note that it can be dodged easily.

Play rough

This one is hard to dodge, so you would want to use this technique whenever possible.


This one is poor to use for defense, and your Purugly might even faint before you decide to use the move, so you should consider that.


Having a Purugly Pokemon go is certainly going to give you some advantages above all things, and that is why you ought to catch one. The game, in general, is also very beneficial to the players. If you have not jumped into the bandwagon yet, this is your sign to do so. You need to try it out as it is one of the ongoing crazes that will let you see the world in a different color. Here are some of the benefits you will get when you decide to try it out.

purugly pokemon go

Get you walking

You would not have to sit on your couch or lay on your bed this is the one game. Instead, you would get your shoes on and get ready to walk around wherever you happen to be. You will need to gather your supplies and walk towards some Pokestops to succeed in the game. You will need to take some of your time and dedicate it to walking. This is a great way to exercise, especially if you are not fond of it. Walking gets you a lot in the game, from hatching eggs to getting rewards for your goals to achieve them faster; you will reap a lot when you walk.

Get a date with nature

You get an instant date with nature as you will need to go out when you play this game. You will have an excuse to smell the fresh air outside and get some rays of sunshine. Getting out and being one with nature for even a short amount of time is known to help improve your mood, so you might want to check that out. The beautiful weather is surely going to help you be happy. Remember to put on some sunscreen if the sun is shining brightly to protect your skin.

Get to know people

Because you are probably not the only one busy playing, you will get to see people around your neighborhood that are probably trying to catch Purugly Pokemon go, just like you are, and this is the perfect time to get to know them. You are going to find new friends with a common interest that will definitely be to your benefit. You will be able to discover something new along the way and have fun with it as well. You ought to try it out and see what awaits you.

Get involved with community

With the popularity of the game, it is no wonder that there are a lot of online communities that have been built solely dedicated to finding specific pokemon types, and you can join them and get involved. You will see yourself making it with a chance of making new friends there as well. There is always a chance to meet someone with the same vibes as you do and get instant friends while you are at it.

Mental break

Since you would be able to enjoy trying to find Purugly pokemon go, you can also take this as a mental break since you do not have to go on social media but go outside instead. It is going to help you when you are exhausted as it gives you a breath of fresh air. You can take time off your desk and the busy day to just rest and spend your time catching Pokemon.

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