I Got Scammed – Clearly A Scam


I have to admit I was pretty shocked it took this long for a scammer to try and get some money out of me. I have seen other creators that have been in the business for less time getting scammed multiple times before the scammer finally made it to me. Let’s take a look at what exactly happened and how you can learn from this and not make the same mistake!


The other day when I was scrolling through Instagram, someone slid into my DMs with the following message!

Right of the start there are several red flags to this and if you ever get a message similar to this, close the app and walk away from it. But what kind of content creator would I be, if I did not try to pursue this a bit longer. Also these scams on Instagram have been going on for a while and it is always the same procedure. Buy something with your own money, we need reviews and you will be refunded later on. 


I told the scammer politely that I was not interested in his scam but apparently he did not take no for an answer. He kept trying to convince me that it was not a scam at all and that this product is so amazing and can do all the things you could ever imagine. What he did not mention so far was the product itself. He said it was a ring light, which would benefit me for streaming etc, but he did not want to give me the company or product name. I hope this goes without saying but do not buy anything from a stranger on the internet if you do not even know what it is.

I played along a bit longer. At the end of the day I was interested in what company would promote a product in this odd way. When I checked his Instagram profile for information on the company however, I found this:

Absolutely Nothing!

As you can see I even tried to get him to set up a contract and I asked him multiple times for a product name which he did not provide. He even said that a contract is absolutely not necessary and then changed his refund from 100% to 50% with, according to him, no allowed returns from amazon.

There are so many red flags in this conversation that should clearly indicate it is a scam. The first major red flag for me was his bad English. Do not get me wrong, I am not talking down on people for whom English is the first language, I did not speak English until I moved to the States a few years ago. But if you are promoting a product and trying to build a relationship with a creator, you should put the time and effort into communicating in proper English. 

If you decide to work with a brand or a company make sure to set up a contract. This is beneficial for both sides. It protects you as a creator that you get paid when the contract is fulfilled and it protects the company and holds you accountable. If you ever encounter a scam like this, please let me know I would love to hear and report about it! 


My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!

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