How To Play SuperHot Mind Control Delete for Free on Xbox? $10 and You Can!

Yes! SuperHot Mind Control Delete got a secret Optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update bringing with it 120 FPS - 4K and 120 FPS - 2K respectively to the next gen Xbox consoles.

For those of you wondering how did SuperHot Mind Control Delete perform before it got the new update I have the videos below for you starting with the Xbox One S versus the Xbox Series X where originally it was not much of a difference, but now it is a different ballgame. The game, if I remember correctly, brought about 1080P on the Xbox One S at 60 FPS and not fully stable with drops here and there with less than 60 seconds loading times which is respectable.

The Xbox One S wasn’t per say slow at loading times due to the games Graphics and the worlds being small and simple, yet we do have quicker/faster loading times on the new Xbox Series X|S. The update sadly does not bring faster loading times even with the update it still delivers the same loading times. I think that showcases that the game still has to accommodate HDD drives and it is not built from the ground up for SSD.

I would like to invite you to check out my video on the video game Xbox series X and Xbox Series S exclusive The Medium which is a game I believe is given us console players a sneak peek to what can be done with games that prioritize SSD technology and attempt to move on from the slow HDD drives similar to Star Citizen on the PC which treats HDD drives as legacy rather than the foundation.

SuperHot Mind Control Delete on the Xbox One X delivered a sharper image at, I believe, 4K or 1440P which was sharper than the Xbox One S, yet on the Xbox Series X we did not have much of an upgrade from that when it came to anything besides a little more stable FPS and quicker loading times, but now we are getting a mighty 120 FPS upgrade and what looks like a native 4K which might actually be pushing the engine a little too much and optimization might be needed in order to play the game at a locked 60-120 FPS, because it does drop FPS. 

I don’t think SuperHot Mind Control Delete really pushes the hardware of the Xbox Series X to its limits even with this new Optimized for Xbox Series X|S secret update, but if you disagree let us know on social media under my account or our official Streaming Live Academy accounts using the #streamingliveacademy

I want to finish off by giving props to the developer team that updated this game and did not just sit on their laurels and success, but rather they made sure that their game brought to Xbox players a next gen experience.

That reminds me that this game as of the writing of this article is available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so I invite you to check out the article linked in this section of this article and the video above so you can learn how you can earn your Microsoft Rewards Points so you can redeem them for free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through the Microsoft Rewards Program and the Xbox Game Pass Quest which are all available in my YouTube channel and if you have any questions on how this all works just hit me up on social media or the team and we can help you figure it out with the social media links below and #streamingliveacademy

My name is Endwar and I will show you the power of console gaming.
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