How to Use TikTok to Blow Up on Twitch

Every other day, new Tiktok creators gain exclusive fame. The reason why this is happening is the fact that Tiktok, unlike other social media platforms, is offering the highest discoverability. Twitch is another site with dynamic discoverability. You can imagine what happens if you used or combined both Twitch and Tiktok. 

Blow Up on TikTok and Twitch

You have one clip on Tiktok that goes viral and translates to hundreds of followers on your Twitch channel. We are living in times where there is so much potential to grow. Please do not underestimate the fame and growth that Tiktok can bring on your Twitch channel, especially in the times we are in. 

How to grow your Twitch Channel with Tiktok

It must feel exciting to know that there is a platform you can use to grow your Twitch channel. However, you should not take rushed steps. 

There are a few things to consider. They include:

Having a content plan. 

This should be the very first thing you think about. 

The content you can post on your Twitch channel that can significantly promote it include:

  1. Twitch Highlights
  2. Gaming content
  3. Gaming tutorials
  4. Dance videos and
  5. Skits

You must have content that works best for you, and this same content should always reach a significant audience. For example, if you are a gaming streamer, your content should attract gaming lovers more on your channel. 

Have an idea on how you will upload your content

Most Tiktok videos are created and edited using smartphones. To achieve great content using your smartphone, consider having a great camera, audio and great editing features. 

Twitch streamers upload their content differently. To download your twitch content on tiktok, such as stream highlights and video game content, you will first need to download these clips and edit them for a vertical format. 

The streamladder is a freely available application that can help you download and edit your content in the required vertical format. 

Focus on Virality

Make it exceptional if you want your Tiktok content to go viral. One issue with tiktok videos is that they are flat and dull. No one wants to look at boring content. People will skip a less entertaining Tiktok video in a matter of minutes, and the audience will move on to what is next. 

A skipped video lowers your virality. Infact, the visuals will be in meager numbers. To avoid such great disappointment:

  1. Learn how to make amazing videos.
  2. Even when you have to do challenges already in place on tiktok, find a way to be unique.
  3. Have a reason why the audience will want to keep looking at your videos. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger when creating a new Tiktok video. Do you like what you are watching, and is it worth sharing it out? Your video needs to be enjoyable from start to finish. 

Keep a dedicated upload schedule.

If you want to succeed at tiktok, you must have a dedicated schedule and a strict one. The more content you post on tiktok, the more likely you will gain followers. That is just the secret. 

They say that experience is the best teacher. The more you post your content, the better the content gets. Create a schedule and ensure to adhere. 

Remember that the initial idea was to use your Tiktok channel to fuel your Twitch. Make it an easy task to link these two profiles. On your Tiktok Bio, ensure to display your Twitch usernames. In addition to the usernames, including how your stream schedule is so your audience can always look out for your content. If you can, add your Twitch usernames to your Tiktok as well. 

To achieve this, you need to have a business account and not just the usual ones. It is an easy task because you need to go to settings and switch to a business account. Once the Tiktok business account is up, it becomes easy to add the Twitch URL under the website options. It also makes it less complicated for your followers to navigate both versions. 


Every content creator looks forward to having a mass of followers they can interact with on their social media platforms. This is not something you just achieve. It requires a lot of commitment and discipline. First, you need to create meaningful content that resonates with your passion. Find an audience that loves your content, share it with them, and be consistent in posting. Keep your pages alive. 

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