How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5

If you are like me and bought an Astro C40 Tournament Controller and are wondering How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5 I got the answer for you so stick around SLA (Streaming Live Academy) for the answer towards the end of this article, but first let me give you a bit of back story.

The Astro C40 controller is a pretty good pro controller for pro gamers or just really hardcore gamers on PS4 that want to be able to have something similar or close to good as the Xbox Elite Series controller is. The controller came out before that controller and it was great, but now it has lost a bit of its cool and good, but still is a good controller above average for sure.

The issue is that Sony decided to nuke all older controllers in the so called name of progress. Astro the company has come out on Reddit thru a representative saying that it is due to Sony that they cannot update the controller. The controller is not working on PlayStation 5 with PlayStation 5 games, but it will work with PlayStation 4 titles .

How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5
Reddit Post

Besides them replying to such a cultured users name I applaud them for replying and letting us know. The link to the post is on the image itself or here. I personally won’t be finding a PS5 anytime soon so I’m not worried, but personally I prefer the feeling of the Astro C40 controller over the Sony PS5 controller and the haptic feedback seems dope and game changing to a good degree, but not a must.

My issue with PS5 controller is that it doesn’t have paddles and the joysticks are designed in a way that I don’t like since I hand down prefer the Xbox Controller joystick layout a lot more. Let us know if you agree by voicing your opinion in the socials under SLA or Streaming Live Academy.

How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5
Astro C40 allows for Xbox style joysticks on PlayStation natively

There is hope though and as I mentioned at the beginning of the article I will answer the question How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5 since it is possible. You can use the Astro C40 controller on the PS5 while you play PS4 games, but for those PS5 titles you are going to have to use a third party device called the Cronus Zen.

What is Cronus Zen?
Cronus Zen

This little device will allow you to use your Astro C40 TR controller on the new PS5 natively. I invite you to go read the article of what it is then decide for yourself if purchasing is worth it. I personally will probably do it when I get a PS5 and I will report my findings back to you thru SLA and my personal YouTube channel so stick around.

For now I hope that Sony will realize that not all games are going to want to or are going to use the new haptic feedback feature. They seem to be hell bound to making sure that everyone does and honestly I can’t blame them for I wouldn’t want them to have an Apple 3D Touch situation on their hands and the technology is really cool.

It’s just that I know it is not a must and it is not something that you truly need for most games so forcing everybody to have to use it or else no controller seems overkill to me. By the time I end up getting a PlayStation 5 they might have already reversed course, but we shall see then. For now all we have is the Cronus Zen and PS4 titles on our PS5 controller life.

How To Use Astro C40 Tournament Controller on PS5

What is Cronus Zen?

You can only play PS4 (PlayStation 4) games on the PS5 (PlayStation 5) with the Astro C40 TR (Tournament) controller, because Sony has decided to not allow developers of controllers to migrate older controllers that don’t support haptic feedback. You can however use a device like the Cronus Zen to use the Astro C40 TR controller on the PS5 and play PS5 games.

What is Astro C40?

The C40 TR Controller is a fully customizable, high-quality pro controller built for the serious gamer.

What is Astro C40 good for?

The controller offers unparalleled customisability and is one of the best built pads I’ve tested, even in the top end peripherals market. This, plus its stellar wireless connectivity and comfortable, ergonomic design make it one of the best gamepads on the market

How expensive is the Astro C40?

The Astro C40 TR is the first PS4 controller I’ve used that bests Sony’s DualShock 4. But the new controller comes at an astronomical price. The C40 TR costs $199.99

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