How to Stream to Facebook Gaming

How to Stream to Facebook Gaming

Becoming a Facebook Gaming Creator has never been as popular as it is right now. However; a lot of people underestimate the amount of stuff that goes into it.

In this guide I will walk you through the basics of How to Stream to Facebook Gaming, step by step. I also included visuals as well as videos, so you can follow along as I am running you through it, and by the end of this guide, you will be able to hit the go live button and start your streaming journey.

This is what I cover in this guide:

Set up a Facebook Gaming Creator Page. I am showing you exactly how to create a Facebook Gaming Creator Page, since this is the backbone and very first step that is needed in order to stream to Facebook Gaming. In the case that your personal profile will be your main page, you can start a live stream from your personal profile as well. However I highly encourage you to create a separate Facebook Gaming Creator Page, so you can join Facebook’s Level up program and monetise your stream, and to keep a certain level of privacy with your personal profile.

Set up Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio. In order to broadcast anything from your PC you need broadcasting software. In this article I am showing you the most popular and best broadcasting software and I am running you through connecting the software with your Facebook Gaming Creator Page. This process is identical for any platform you want to stream to.

Set up stream Alerts & Overlays. Now that you created your Facebook Gaming Creator page and downloaded the broadcasting software, it is time to make your stream visually more appealing. Overlays and alerts are crucial to your stream and I will explain to you why in this article.

Set up your Microphone. Without a microphone viewers would not be able to hear you during your live stream. In this article I am running you through on how to add your microphone to your software and even make it sound better.

Set up your Webcam. Going hand in hand with your microphone is your webcam. Seeing your face on stream helps viewers to establish a connection with you, and makes the stream a lot more entertaining. In this article I am walking you through connecting your webcam and perfecting the settings.

Final Set up and Go Live. By now you are about ready to go live for the very first time. However; there are a few things you need to double check before you hit broadcast, to make sure your stream runs as smoothly as possible, and I will walk you through that as well.

If you have any questions while running through the guide, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either directly through Streaming Live Academy, or any of my socials you find below.
Happy streaming!

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My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!
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