How to stream Mobile Games on Twitch with PC & Mac Without Capture Card

How to stream mobile games on twitch on PC & Mac Without Capture Card

You have probably tried emulating mobile games on your computer and realize that it is not a plug-and-play solution with a ton of time investing on figuring out how to make the darn game run good.

You might be running high end AAA games on your gaming PC that look and play great, but the emulator that you have is making your games look like 480P trash and insulting your master race PC or…Mac? By making everyone on your stream think that you have a potato PC.

I have the solution for you and if you have questions on anything that you need help with don’t forget to go to the link YouTube video in this article or use the #StreamingLiveAcademy

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You are going to need a PC or Mac with Elgato game capture HD software, no capture card required, and a modern router not your grandma’s router to pull this off and the app called Screen Link which you can get for free on the App Store, but be warned that if you want to stream for more than 15 minutes uninterrupted you are going to need to shell off $10 for a 1 time purchase to remove the 15 minute limit. 

You will need an iOS device which I’ve done the testing with an iPhone X so I wouldn’t be surprised if even an iPhone 7 can pull this off since iOS devices tend to outperform android devices in raw power and efficiency so even if your phone is old and you are running a recent version of iOS you should be fine, but that is why you need to hit us up on social media under ENDWARO7 or other streaming live academy creators for answers to more nitty gritty questions. 

This method is a wireless method which works for windows and Mac, the wired version is only for Mac, as long as you have the required device and software installed you should be able to make use of this method to send your devices screen to the computer and then the computer sends it to Facebook gaming, twitch, YouTube, wherever it is that you want to stream too.

I have tested this on iPad and iPhone by seating really close to my router and my router is a gaming router which is the Netgear RX 500 and before you go wondering how much upload and download speed I need and complain on the App Store reviews for the screen link app saying “I have a amazing download and upload why is this thing not working?” let me save you the trouble of looking like an idiot and teaching you that screen link does not depend on your download and upload to the Internet speeds. 

Your download and upload speeds to the Internet only matter for your actual stream to Facebook or twitch or YouTube, because your device is being sent directly to the router and your computer not the website that you’re streaming to so the bit rate and resolution on the screen link app can be as high as your network conditions in your home local network allow it to be. 

The computer is the one sending the signal to the website therefore that is where the download and upload speeds matter. I personally with my set up on the iPad have been able to use a bit rate of 16 Mbs and native or 1080 P resolution without any hiccups and call of duty mobile and Arena Valor look sharp and nice.

I have been trying a 32 Mbs bit rate since I purchased the pro upgrade for the app and the 32 does look nicer since a higher bit rate allows for a faster travel of data hence making fast paced moving games look better so for CoD mobile go high and for other games like Arena of Valor, MOBA, doing a lower bit rate doesn’t look as bad, but still recommend using the highest you can for quality assurance. 

In my testing the 32 mbps tends to lose connection often which I’m surprised because of my home Internet set up, but if it’s not a bug then my set up cannot handle that so be aware of what your set up can handle before you go out and stream online. I did my testing before going online for about 10 to 15 minutes of just playing and seeing which bit rate works best and 16 Mbs works the most stable because I’ve been able to stream for over an hour without any crashes. Let me know in the comments which one works for you.

Once you have your device set up and your microphone and volume levels which you’re going to have to toy around with it but for me what works is microphone to zero and -13 dB on the game audio, but try yours out and don’t be afraid to go online if you’re starting and just watch your own stream on another device.

The video will show you on Mac how to do the process, but for windows it’ll be relatively the same it’s just for some reason the Elgato Company has made their Windows version look sort of like an android app when compared to an iOS app where the android equivalent app is just a bit tad uglier. 

To finish up remember change the graphics in your game if you’re having your phone struggling to keep up because screen recording and playing games wirelessly does save you from having to deal with heat coming from the charger, but even that might not be enough to keep your phone from throttling under heavy load or just choking because it is too much so play around with the settings on your games if you are having issues on the phone’s end.
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