How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch – iOS & Android

     Let me start by saying that both platforms iOS and android can stream to any streaming platform that you desire. The question is will you be able to bring with you your alerts and themes and special effects?

     Currently if you’re going to do a blog where you record or show people what you are seeing with your phone‘s camera then iOS and android pretty much are the same in both can do it really well of course iOS has the better video so hardwood wise it’s going to look better than android, but besides that it is an even game of just downloading a stream labs app or any app that allows you to stream from the iOS App Store or Google play store.

     I invite you to watch this video so you can see how to set that up with alerts and your team and all that good stuff plus if you have any questions let me know on social media under ENDWARO7

     No here comes the hard part and the heartbreaking part of streaming video games on iOS and android. On android you can stream by doing a screen capture and have a picture in picture of your front facing camera or back facing camera so you can show people your face while you stream with alerts. iOS as of iOS 14.2 is not capable of doing picture in picture with the camera even though the iPhone can record with the front facing camera in the back camera at the same time at 1080 P 60 FPS it does not allow you to do a screen capture and overlay your camera at the same time like you can on Android. 

     I know it is frustrating and really sad that we can’t as of now literally abandon our PC and only stream on mobile unless we have a powerful android device. From what I have been able to look up online you do required to have a powerful one or two year old Android To pull off a good quality stream with all the bells and whistles. 

     I have emailed Apple and I suggest we all do the same if we want them to implement that feature in iOS 15 coming next year 2021. That’s if the world doesn’t end by the end of course.

     Anyway if you want more details don’t forget to check out our free content PDF which you can get for signing up with your email and it is all free where you will find the software in the how to in marketing advice on how to stream or create content with mobile gaming.

     If you think that streaming mobile games directly from my mobile device is not worth it and you rather do a emulator on the PC then check out our streaming live Academy member Germanluk who has a good video on the subject.

     If you would like to still stream directly from your device and you’re stuck with an iOS device then don’t worry you can still garnish all the power of iOS chips and stream high-quality gaming to any platform using a hybrid combination of your iOS device and a PC or Mac so check out this video and accompanying article.
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