3 Secrets on How to stay motivated and avoid burnouts

How to Stay Motivated

You came up with this brilliant idea you want to try. You cannot wait to start this new project and show the world what you are capable of. You focus all your energy and resources on this new project and work on it day and night, but at the end, no one sees the results, no one shows up to watch your progress. Naturally, you get disappointed and decide to throw this project or idea out the window, figuratively. 

But first of all, what is motivation? here is our friend Wikipedia with the answer.

Here are my three simple steps you can do, in order to ensure you will not run out of energy or motivation. 

Know what you are getting into

This might seem simple and silly. It is your idea, your project and of course you know what you are getting into. Wrong! No matter what project you are diving into headfirst, there will be unforeseen expenses or obstacles that you must overcome for which you did not plan before. It is simply the way life works.

Before you devote all your energy to this new project, know that there will be obstacles, know that there are things which are out of your control and you simply have to deal with them when they show up. 

Being aware of this will save you the headache and frustration when those unforeseen events and obstacles happen. You knew they were coming; you can now deal with them.

Plan extra time

Following along with the first tip, plan extra time. Are you the only person that is working on this project or are you relying on other people to get part of it done? You know you can hold yourself accountable, but when you are relying on a team, be aware that not everyone will meet the deadlines every single time. Do not get frustrated, but rather plan. Allow for extra time and find other aspects in the project that you can work on while you are waiting for your team to get their workload finished. 

If you are the only person working on this project you now are certain you can keep your own deadlines, and this is awesome. Yet again be aware that life strikes when you least expect it. Things come up that simply cannot wait, and it is okay. Allow yourself an extra day, or finish the workload before the deadline, so that in case an unforeseen event happens, you have this extra day to take off the event first, and then return to your project.

Lets Be realisitic

Be realistic

You start this new project and you tell yourself you get it done by tomorrow, or the viewers and success will come fast. The most important aspect of all three tips is to be realistic. Today we want results fast, we wanted them yesterday. Know that results will take time, especially when it comes to content creation. There rarely is overnight success. It is a long road to success in this world, simply being aware of this, can save you from burning out. 

Look at others that have attempted similar projects to yours and see how long it took them before they were successful and use this as a point of reference. 


No matter what kind of project you are starting, being aware that life might come in the way of it will save you many headaches. Understanding that things will take longer than planned because of these unforeseen events, and going into this project with realistic expectations will ensure that you do not burn out, or get discouraged when things aren’t going the way you envisioned them.

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