How to Solve the Frustrating Problem of Disobedient Pokemon – Tips and Tricks that Actually Work!

How to Solve the Frustrating Problem of Disobedient Pokemon – Tips and Tricks that Actually Work!

As a trainer, there is nothing more frustrating than having a disobedient Pokemon. You may have spent hours bonding with your Pokemon, training them, and building a strong relationship with them, only to have them stubbornly refuse to follow your commands. The good news is that this problem is not insurmountable, and you can start seeing results by trying out some simple tips and tricks.

Tip #1: Build a Stronger Bond with Your Pokemon

The foundation of every successful trainer-Pokemon partnership is built on trust and understanding. Doing activities that foster better communication, understanding, and mutual respect will undoubtedly result in a stronger bond. Spend more time playing with your Pokemon, taking them on long walks, talking with them, and just enjoying each other’s company. When your Pokemon trusts you, they are more likely to be obedient and follow your commands without hesitation.

Tip #2: Train Your Pokemon Regularly

Training your Pokemon is an essential aspect of any training program. It helps to develop the skills of your Pokemon, such as strength, speed, and endurance, making them more competent in battles against other trainers. Regular training also sharpens their listening and obedience skills by conditioning them to react to your commands. Ensure that you have a consistent training plan and stick to it. Consistency is critical if you want your Pokemon to obey you always.

Tip #3: Show Appreciation and Reward Good Behavior

Just like people, Pokemon respond well to positive reinforcement. Let them know when they obey by giving them praise, treats, or other rewards that motivate them. If you only show appreciation for your Pokemon’s good behavior, they will strive to do their best to get your approval. Positive reinforcement strengthens the bond between you and your Pokemon and encourages them to be more motivated to follow your commands.

Tip #4: Be Firm But Kind

When your Pokemon disobeys your orders, it is essential to react in a firm yet kind manner. Shouting commands, hitting, or being overbearing may end up breaking the bond between you and your Pokemon. But, treating disobedience tolerantly could result in them thinking they have the upper hand over you, leading to more disobedience. A balance between firmness and kindness will keep a mutual-respectful relationship between you and your Pokemon. Being firm means responding with conviction and seriousness when your Pokemon disobeys your commands. Being kind in your response equates to being patient and understanding as you lead your Pokemon to do the right thing.

Tip #5: Use Positive Phrasing

The tone and phrasing of your commands could make all the difference between getting your Pokemon to obey or not. Use positive phrasing instead of negative phrasing to make the commands more understand and clear. Instead of saying ‘Don’t attack,’ say ‘Stay calm,’ making it easier for your Pokemon to know precisely what they need to do. Using positive commands helps make your Pokemon feel encouraged and motivated to do the right thing.


Disobedient Pokemon is a problem that can be solved with time, patience, and the right techniques. Remember to spend more time bonding with your Pokemon, train them regularly, show appreciation, and be kind yet firm. With unwavering patience, consistent training, and positive reinforcement, you will undoubtedly pride in seeing an obedient Pokemon following your commands.


1. How Do I Get My Pokemon Interested In Training?
Building a strong bond, mutual trust, and appreciation between you and your Pokemon will encourage them to participate more in training. Involve them in exercises that challenge their abilities and showcase their strengths. This way, they will enjoy the training process and develop their intrinsic motivation for training.

2. Can I Fix The Problem Of Disobedience Overnight?
No, the problem of disobedient requires a patient and consistent approach to training. There are no overnight fixes to the issue. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to build a better relationship with your Pokemon and increase their responsiveness to your commands gradually.

3. What Are The Risks Of Using Punishment To Train Disobedient Pokemon?
Punishing a disobedient Pokemon could have some undesirable consequences. If you react harshly or excessively, you could damage the bond of trust between you and your Pokemon or harm them psychologically. Punishment focused training can result in damaged self-esteem and unnecessary aggression. It’s best to use positive reinforcement when trying to correct the behavior of your Pokemon.

4. Is It Possible To Prevent A Pokemon From Being Disobedient?
It is not entirely possible to prevent a Pokemon from being disobedient. However, you can reduce the chances of disobedience by focusing on proper communication and building relationships with your Pokemon.

5. Can A Disobedient Pokemon Be Trained?
Yes, a disobedient Pokemon can be trained with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Being a skilled trainer means knowing how to get the training done effectively, positively, and without damaging the relationship between you and your Pokemon.

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