How to organize your content with 3 simple and effective tips

So, you made the step into independence and decided to be your own boss, you are going to become a content creator. Awesome, so now what? 

How to Organize your Content

You are ready to tackle the world and spread your ideas and content. Any idea that comes to your mind could be the one-million-dollar idea. Any of the ideas could be the one that sends you over the edge and gets you to that next level. 

The worst thing that could happen is that these one million dollars slips your mind, you know that. So, you write every idea down that comes to mind. You are doing the right thing. It is two months later, and you want to revisit this one idea that you had a couple months ago. You remember you wrote it down, somewhere, where did it go?

In this article I will show you my bullet-proofed way of organizing my content, writing down ideas that come to me during the most random times, and how to bring those ideas to life.

Some content you see online appears to be shot and sent out on the go, and while this might sometimes be the case, if you take a closer look at this apparently random piece of content, you will find that it follows a strict formula the creator uses for every single piece of content they produce. A strategy, a plan is the most important aspect of creating content and what is the first step to creating a strategy, organizing all the ideas and pieces of content that you have, so you can link them together in the most beneficial way, and send them out at the most beneficial times. 

My secret is Google Drive, or any cloud services for that matter, but I use Google. Google Drive does not only allow me to organize my content into different folders. It also allows me to edit my content anytime, from anywhere, on any device I see fit. It allows me to share my content with my team on the go, have them add comments, and correct my content. Let me show you how I set up my Google Drive.

How to stay organized google drive

The first thing you need to do is set up a general folder for each project that you work on and create a Google Spreadsheet in each of the folders. This spreadsheet is your brainstorming sheet. Every Time you have an idea, no matter where you are in the world, or what device you have on hand, you will go into your Google Drive and write this idea down according to the project it belongs to. If you cannot categorize the idea yet, create a spreadsheet and leave it on the homepage of your drive for uncategorized ideas. Now when you want to revisit an idea that you had months ago, there is only one place this idea could be, in your Google Drive

Congratulations, you accomplished the most difficult part of organizing your content. Creating a folder for each project automatically puts all ideas and pieces of content that build on each other in one place. If you are creating videos on YouTube, you can now create a playlist on your channel and add each video to the appropriate playlist. 

The last step we need to discuss is pushing your content to the right audience. Go back to your Google Drive and open the project folders. In each project folder create a separate folder for each social media platform you are using. Now when you create an amazing piece of content you navigate to the appropriate project folder and place it in the folder of the platform you will later publish it on. No more searching for where the piece of content went. No more stressing about where to publish the content. 

This trick seems very simple at first and you might think to yourself “This is not necessary; I can keep track of my stuff”. And this might be very well true at the beginning, but one or two years into your journey I promise you, you will find yourself lost in random notes, scattered in all different places. This method also allows you to expand later. You can create all kinds of different secondary folders within each project to organize and categorize your content even more.

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