How to maximize your revenue on Twitch


As a beginner on any social media platform, the question is always how and where to begin. The world is going digital and spending time on the internet needs to add more value. That is why it is important to learn ways on how to make money and maximize this revenue on different social media platforms. Twitch is one available platform that is popularly known for live streaming sessions.

If you want to start making money through Twitch, know the basics. If you are wondering if or not it will be difficult to open an account, the answer is that it is very simple. In fact, the internet makes everything available today including tutorials on how to indulge.

How to start making money on Twitch

As initially mentioned, information is made available on how you can open a twitch account. Once your account is up and running, here is what you will need to start making money.

  • There is equipment that you must have before making money on Twitch. You need a high-quality camera, a computer that is good and strong enough for live streaming and a mic that can produce quality sound.
  • Once you have ascertained that you have these ready, continue setting up a Twitch account within a short time.
  • The design of your profile should attract subscribers. Clearly state what you will be streaming about. You can also include days and time so your subscribers know when to tune in.
  • You need to regularly run your live streams so you can build an audience.

How to maximize your revenue on Twitch

Once your Twitch account is up and running and making you some money, you need to focus on bigger ways that will help you gain a larger audience. The bigger the audience, the greater chances there are of maximizing your revenue. Here are a few ways on how you can do it.

  • Build a connection with your subscribers

If you want your subscribers to stay loyal to you and to your channel, you have to find ways through which you can stay connected with them. As you do your live streaming, you can engage them by asking questions or getting their opinions. For such discussions, it is important to have a chat box available any time you stream. You can also peep through other streamer’s profiles and gain a little insight on how they make their audience happy.

  • Listen to feedback

Feedback helps you grow. Do not trash it. The more you go live, the more your following will get. Expect to get a lot of feedback on how you can improve your channel and do better. Once you have incorporated these feedbacks to your channel, you can always highlight during your sessions so your followers know that you listen to them.

  • Cross-Post your stream through YouTube video posting

Use of third-party accounts such as YouTube can help you make extra income through your Twitch channel. In fact, you gain more following. Your followers will want to now know what happens in your other social media platforms besides the Twitch account they know of.

  • Optimize your Twitch Profile description

While creating your Twitch profile, make it easily searchable by your subscribers. You can use usernames that are easy to remember. Alternatively, make use of keywords related to your content that subscribers can use to trace your Twitch channel.

If this is proving a difficult task while creating your channel, you can have a look at popular Twitch profiles. See how their profiles are customized that makes it easy for their audience to locate them on the internet.

  • Promote yourself on your other social accounts

Some of your social media accounts are probably doing better than others. You can use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that are widely used to promote your Twitch profile. If you get lucky, you can gain followers from people who are not even your followers on these other social media platforms. If you have made short videos that you have uploaded on YouTube on how you go about your Twitch channel, you can post these short videos on either Instagram, Facebook or a social media platform of your choice.


The internet today is not there to help us pass time, rather give us ideas on how we can make value through any minute we spend there. As a new Twitch user, you have the opportunity of being creative and becoming rich. Simply learn what the tricks are from those who have already succeeded and see what you can incorporate to your Twitch channel to make it worthwhile.

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