How to Make Money with a YouTube Channel

Many people only watch videos of cats or play video games. However, it is possible to use this platform effectively to build a business. YouTube can be an excellent platform for anyone with a channel idea and is willing to wait for it to grow.

Make Money with a YouTube Channel

YouTube Partner Programme

For making money from your YouTube channel, you must form a partnership agreement with a website. Here are the requirements you will need to meet to become a partner:

  • Your channel videos must adhere to the advertising guidelines.
  • It would help if you had at least 4000 hours of good watch time spread over the past year.
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel.

To add your channel to Google AdSense, people must like it; otherwise, there’s no point.

Partner status allows you to receive financial benefits such as ads, membership benefits, and Super Chat. In addition, it is where viewers pay to highlight their comments on a live stream.

Engaging and high-quality videos are essential. A high number of videos will increase the threshold for watch hours. Once all the requirements are complete, you can apply to monetization through your profile and activate the section.

Offer products and services to your customers

Once your channel idea is popular enough to have enough subscribers, you can offer links to your merchandise on your channel. You can offer T-shirts, mugs, and e-books as well. Provide a payment method to your audience for your inventory.

Although you may have many ideas for merchandise, not all of them will sell. To test the buying habits of your target audience, you might only need to offer a few types of merchandise. For customers to purchase, you will need a separate website. It can be linked to your video using a list of approved merchandise sites on YouTube.

Create a Google AdSense Account

To partner with any website, you must create an account with Google AdSense to get ads on your videos. Then, advertisers use it to bid on video ads. It all depends on many factors, including the type of audience and the topic of videos and keywords.

The number of impressions your videos receive on AdSense will determine how much you get paid. The payment will be based on how many people click on ads or watch the videos. The video does not have to show an ad every time. Therefore, views are not equal to impressions. YouTube also retains a portion of the revenues from ads.

You will not be paid until your payment value exceeds 100 dollars. It can take several months. Google also allows you to deduct tax from this amount.

License your content

Every news channel wants to replay the video they have shared on social media. An established media company pays for the use of a video. You will receive two benefits if your videos are licensed: you get paid for the use of your content, and you can be easily found on the internet.

You should also set up an email address for business inquiries. A contact video rights marketplace is also required to obtain a license for your video.

Participate in product placement in video or sponsorships

It is an easy, popular and widespread way to make money on YouTube. Established companies and newer ones will offer sponsors and deals for product placements. The product must be mentioned only once in your video. Depending on your agreement, you will be paid a commission or per sale.

YouTube must be notified about your placement by selecting “video contains paid promo” in the advanced settings section of the profile.


Crowdfunding is also an option if you need financial support for a channel-related venture. It can allow you to make a decent income from your channel. YouTube gives a list of approved crowdfunding sites that YouTubers can use to help them make an informed decision. To make your contributors feel part of the project, you will need to promote the crowdfunding account on your channel. Depending on how much they donate, you can offer many benefits to your fans. You can also promote your YouTube channel and project on other social media platforms for a wider audience.

YouTube Premium Video

Uploading videos to the premium YouTube site is another way to make money from YouTube videos. It is a paid version of YouTube that is completely free of ads. You can earn a portion of the audience’s subscription fees if you upload content to premium. Of course, this depends on how many views your video has.

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