How to Make Amazing Video Intros

How to Make Amazing Video Intros

For a great video that you watch online, there are many things behind it. The first impression is always the best, but the video makers forget about Intro in that process. It is the first thing that a viewer watches. Whether you are a pro or first timer in video editing, you must know how to create a video intro. Through an introduction, you will introduce the audience to the video content. Therefore, you must focus on the steps and guide to avoid any mistakes. 

Write an Engaging Script

A short script for an intro video is a must. Before filming, you must be ready with a script to practice well before saying it in front of the camera. An intro script must be short and crisp, but it should be engaging.

Introduce Yourself

You are the one in front of the camera; therefore, you need to say something about yourself so that the audience knows about you and your channel and video content. Do not shy away from expressing your thoughts and ideas through video. Let the world know about your passion. 

Use of Visual Effects

An intro video with visual effects and text overlays looks attractive and interesting. If you have no such great video, you can turn your amazing images into a video and share them as your intro video. Visual effects have a great impact on the video and make it worth watching.

Include CTA

At the end of the Intro, there must be a CTA, i.e., “if you want to know more about the topic, then you must watch the entire video.” A CTA acts as an invitation for audiences to watch the video. 

Tips on Making Intro Videos

Add Text

Adding text in your intro video will not look bad. Rather it makes your video promising. The audience feels that your video has an impact on text, and it makes it more appealing. You must include the video title or the name in the video to make it authentic and full of weight. 

Add Music

Music can break or make the video. Adding the right kind of music as a background of the video says it all. For this, you need to do good research on the music. Finding royalty-free music is also important to avoid copyright claims. For fashion videos, jazz music goes well, but the same music will not go for a motivational speech video. Therefore, when you are researching music, find something that suits the niche of your videos and channel. 

Know Your Audiences and Their Goals

For whom are you making these videos? The audience, right? Therefore, you must make a video that helps the audience and fulfill their goal. Research, survey, and polls, and then develop the best videos ideas for your audiences. The scope is maximum in making video content through YouTube. You must know how to utilize it exactly. If you make a video that satisfies the audiences’ goals and needs, then the video’s reach is tremendous. 

Editing Tools to Make YouTube Intro Video


It is an incredibly easy-to-use YouTube Intro Maker that can edit effects, text, visuals, and import its stuff. You can make a video from text and add a voice-over. It creates videos from the start and has Intuitive UI and plenty of tutorials to follow, a widespread collection of video templates for every use-case—over 4,000 templates.

This tool offers an easy-to-use editor to customize each template and can add a VO (voice-over) or use the tool’s built-in text-to-speech technology—excellent for converting articles into videos or creating explainer videos.

InVideo is the first editing tool in the world with IVA, i.e., intelligent video assistant to recommend corrections on the glide—the AI continuously checks for material like text alignment, colors, animation speed, and a bunch of other parameters to recommend suggestions for things you might’ve missed (that are, frankly, difficult to spot otherwise).

You get 24/7 live support—their working hours are 24/7. The FB page says “always open,” so you can get in touch with InVideo’s support if you need any help figuring out how to use the platform. 


It is a fantastic editing tool where you can use different templates as per your niche. It makes the intro video amazing with graphics, texts, and animations. You can create an attractive YouTube intro that makes the Intro awesome. It has by far many options, and the editing tool is easy to understand. It takes hardly a few days to practice, and then you can learn how to use the editing tool. 


For an iOS device, this editing tool is fantastic. One can create an awesome intro trailer that looks professional without any second thought. Your video will look fantastic, and there are many features in the paid version that you can use once you become a master in making and editing videos. Using this tool is easy and reliable. You can use it and edit any videos instantly. 

Filmora Go

It is a Windows-compatible editing tool that makes the work easy for you. The editor can use the pro version and use multiple features to edit videos. The good thing is that you can make clone videos and create fantastic video concepts. It is an easy tool with a smooth interface. It makes the work easy, and you can create amazing videos.


If you have a YouTube channel, you need to have an intro to the video to know about you and what videos you make. It gives them a sense of trust that helps them to know you.

So now that you know the details of the intro video, you can easily make one using the editing tool. Pick a tool that is useful so you can start editing your first-ever YouTube intro video.

After all, you want to explore your passion and let the world know about your talent. It makes you feel proud, and you can create a trustworthy community through your YouTube platform. What are you waiting for? Download the editing tool and start editing your first Intro.

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