12 Steps to grow your gaming channel

Here is a list of actions to take to gain your first viewers. These viewers are very precious when you start this activity. They can become your core fans, sometimes friends. They contribute to your growth and help to improve your visibility.

How to grow your gaming channel?

Integrate the name of your channel in your nickname

One of the first things to do is to add the mention of Twitch or Youtube in your nickname when you play. This way, players will immediately understand that you are a streamer. They are likely to check out your stream for several reasons. The most common is that your level of play impresses your opponents. In this case, visitors will come to watch your achievements and progress by watching you. But it is also possible that players find you a nice teammate or a particularly funny character.

Make in-game friends

Don’t reject friend requests in your game, especially in the beginning. Once you eliminate the toxic people you can meet nice players who can form the core of your community and even become real buddies. Also remember that a player can also be a graphic designer, musician, video editor or web developer. 

If they become a fan of your work, they may be able to help you in their field and contribute to the growth of your channel. In any case, a friend who shares the same passion will want you to succeed. He may tell his social network about your stream, which may lead to new people following you.

Focus on one game at the beginning

Your viewers expect you to provide a certain presence on the chosen game. If you’re playing FIFA and decide to switch to Fortnite for the day, your audience won’t necessarily follow you. Twitch and Youtube viewers usually follow games they play themselves.

So it makes more sense to stay in the same game until you build a community that will follow you more for your personality than for the game you’re playing. Don’t hesitate to survey your community to know what they prefer to see on your channel, especially when new games are released.

Offer interesting content to your viewers

Your gaming style will have an impact on your audience. If you stay hidden in a Battle Royale, people might switch to another channel because there won’t be much going on. So it may be necessary to adapt your play style to offer more spectacular content.

Remember that your primary mission as a streamer is to entertain your audience. Without going overboard, you need to look for situations that are interesting to your audience. Trying risky actions or putting yourself in crazy situations can be very beneficial for your channel.

A clip that reaches the big American forums can turn you from an anonymous streamer to a star in the making in a few hours. Be bold, if it gets through it impresses, if it breaks it can lead to a great comedic moment that will please just as much.

Rise of Streaming

Putting on a good show

It’s easier said than done, but if you’re good at the game you’re broadcasting, viewers will naturally come to admire your performance.

If your game has a ranking, reaching the top spots can be extremely beneficial to your channel’s audience since you can display your place in the title of your broadcasts. This will give you legitimacy as a streamer and may attract viewers who want to improve or discover the high level.

Participating in competitions (even local ones) will also allow you to become known within the gaming community. In addition to helping to raise the profile of your channel, you may also make contacts with other streamers and members of the eSports scene.

Show a distinctive sign

Not only do you have to find your own style as a streamer, you can also stand out in your appearance on screen.

Wearing a cap, beanie, Gaming glasses or any other distinctive sign can help you make an impression on your viewers’ minds and be immediately identifiable on the web. If a popular Twitch video features you, viewers will be more likely to recognize you and join your audience.

If you don’t mind wearing a distinct accessory or style of dress, it can only be beneficial in setting yourself apart from others and growing your audience.

One of the easiest ways to get to know yourself in a community is to participate in game-related discussions. Networks like Reddit offer to integrate a flair to your messages in which you can integrate the address of your channel. This is a good opportunity to get noticed.

Make tutorials on Youtube

Creating tutorials is a simple way to create content that interests a wide audience. Well-designed and comprehensive tutorials can help you get noticed. For example, you can talk about patches that change the balance of the game and therefore the meta, or give tips on how to master a hero and make the most of his abilities. If the game is new and tutorials are few, this can be an excellent way to promote the game.

Organize collaboration or duets

Video and streaming marketing

At the beginning, your interactions with the chat will be very limited because you will only have a few viewers. Broadcasting games in duos or simply with a friend who reacts to your actions can make your channel come alive. With friends, you will feel more comfortable and less tense. 

Exchanges will be easier and can lead to humorous situations. You can also play with your viewers, which creates a bond and interaction with your community. You don’t see a streamer in the same way after playing with them once. It’s always beneficial to show that you are an approachable streamer who doesn’t take yourself too seriously.

You can also get in touch with other streamers who stream at the same time as you. Besides the fact that you might make friends, building relationships between streamers is often beneficial. You will be able to play duets with often experienced players (when possible) and put in a good performance.

Build relationships with other streamers

Collaborations between streamers can be positive and will help your channel grow. If the viewers of another video maker know you, they will not hesitate to come to your chat to see if your channel can interest them.

Don’t hesitate to “host” other streamers at the end of your broadcasts. They will thank you for it and will be able to do the same.

Be careful not to host streamers that are radically different or with much larger audiences than yours. In this case you might not satisfy your audience or even lose viewers.

Use social networks

Becoming a streamer also means being a fan of social networks. If this is not your thing, you should know that it is possible to keep it to the bare minimum with occasional Tweets indicating the lives and your news.

Nevertheless, a good mastery of these tools will definitely help you to grow your channel. Don’t hesitate to share content that will interest your fans and interact with them using these platforms.

Create exclusive content

Like you, thousands of streamers exist and try to make a place in the sun. To exist on the web, it can be interesting to create a niche and propose innovative content.

Organizing challenges or events with other streamers can also help you get known. It can be a competition with another streamer or discussions around a theme related to the gameplay of the game. The important thing is that the topic is interesting for your community and your guest’s community.

How do you grow a gaming channel 2021?

At the beginning, your interactions with the chat will be very limited because you will only have a few viewers. Broadcasting games in duos or simply with a friend who reacts to your actions can make your channel come alive. With friends, you will feel more comfortable and less tense. 

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