How to Get the Predator NEW Skin Fortnite

     You have probably seen or heard that the next big new Fortnite skin is the Predator himself! You are not wrong! He is coming and it seems that it’ll be glorious and it’ll be the season’s secret skin in similitud to Dead Pool (I didn’t get that one sadly). 


     The Battle Pass secret character tab is where you will find the challenges you need to complete in order to unlock Predator themed goodies such as sprays and decals etc. The skin itself won’t be there though for a little while. 

     It is expected that in the coming weeks we’ll be able to unlock it so stay put on #StreamingLiveAcademy and #endwaro7 to be on top of the best Fortnite Skins and tips and tricks. 

     The update doesn’t just include Predator, but also new weapons which we’ll use and test out and bring you our verdict on them in a later article, but for now here are their names: 

  1. The Lever Action Shotgun: Seems to be a nice return to form in Fortnite Shotgun meta allowing something more fun than the dumb charge shotgun. It seems to bring a nice counter for players who have the self respect to not use that annoying shotgun by being a 1 or 2 shot shotgun. 
The Lever Action Shotgun


  1. New Exotic: Hop Rock Dualies: This one seems to be the most interesting allowing you to affect your movement speed while holding 2 guns. Is it not letting you aim down sights? Let’s test it later today and find out.
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