How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Reals! Not Wasting Your Time, Unless You Are Lazy.

how to get free Xbox Live gold

You are here because you have heard that you can get free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in a legitimate way and are tired of all them fake scams that go around the interwebz wasting your precious time which you want to be using to actually play the video games you are interested in….am I right? 

Let’s get started with the basics you will need 1. Microsoft Account that you can activate the Microsoft Rewards Program with under this link:

For Step 2. You will need to have had your account created there and activated the program by just logging in. Don’t go to the Microsoft Rewards Page that most search engines take you to first because you don’t want to waste your time with a bunch of messages as to why this program is legit and awesome, rather, by using the link I provided above you will go straight to the Microsoft Rewards Program Dashboard where you can get straight into the actual daily quests and search tabs that you need to complete: 

how to get free xbox game pass ultimate

I highly recommend that you watch the video embedded in this article to get a step by step guide on how to do this, but really once you get into this page (image above) you just have to read the instructions on the quests to be completed and the points it rewards. If you have any questions let me know in the YouTube videos comments section or in my social media channels under ENDWARO7 like Twitter – Instagram. 

These are the daily searches that you must do on PC and on Mobile. I recommend doing the PC/Mac ones by just typing the same key and do a search like this: p “search” pp “search” ppp “search” and so on and so forth. I use the 3 since it is easier for me to hit that then the enter key with one hand while the second hand does the mouse cursor to select the search box. You can also use Bing for real searches cause it is not a bad search engine, but I use Duck Duck Go instead for privacy reasons. I will be making a series of videos on privacy friendly practices for the day to day life of a person in order to be more protected from online threats in the coming month so stay put in my YouTube Channel and if you have any questions regrading privacy you can also come to my Twitch channel where I stream everyday of the week:

To finish things off remember to do these things and the weekly and monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Quests which I make videos on every week and month showing you the fastest and easiest way to get them points. I personally have till summer next year accumulated of free Xbox Game Pass and I know you can too with less than 5-10 minutes a day in which most of that time you spend it playing around anyway so it is a good productive bathroom break habit to build.
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