How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Reals! Not Wasting Your Time, Unless You Are Lazy.


There are many places that tell you how to get Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the internet, but most are a scam! We at Streaming Live Academy value your time and ours so let us not waste time with useless fan fare wet dreams of Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate fake methods and focus on the real one which is thru the Microsoft Rewards Program.

What you have above is my short 10 minute guide on how you can, legitimately, get free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Nothing in this world is truly free so don’t expect a sugar coated or illegal way to get it. This method is what Microsoft has created to rewards its most dedicated fans. The Microsoft Rewards Program is free for everyone and you can earn points thru the program which you can later redeem the points for free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes of 1 month or 3 months at a time. 

Sign up with the link above and you will be following simple 5-7 minutes worth of interesting and sometimes also boring questions about world events or random science quizzes. My favorites are the ones with movies and tv shows plus world facts such as which one is the tallest mountain in the world? Do you know?

how to get free xbox game pass ultimate
This hub is your gateway to answering the question “how to get free xbox game pass ultimate”

When you answer these quizzes and visit the links that they ask you to, no worries Microsoft endorsed so no sketchy stuff, you will be receiving your points which points you can also share with family members or vice versa. You have some sibling that wants to share his or her points? Ask them to and watch your wallet smile as it manages to save you some cash in exchange for your siblings time…meany meany you is.

how to get free xbox game pass ultimate
The redeem tab is going to be your best friend!

How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

how to get free xbox game pass ultimate

Thru the Microsoft Rewards Program dummy!