How To Get free V Bucks

Ever Since the price of V Bucks in Fortnite went down I have been grateful that skins, gliders, emotes, are more accessible with the new price of $8.00 for 1,000 V Bucks instead of the older $10 for the same v bucks, but that doesn’t change the fact that I sometimes still wonder how to get free v bucks?

Lets start with a reality check that there are safe and dangerous ways of getting free v bucks and I highly recommend you avoid the dangerous ones, but none the less, let’s get talking about both ways of how to get free v bucks in fortnite. The first one is the obvious one which is the battle pass of which ever season you are playing.

How To Get free V Bucks
How To Get free V Bucks

Fortnite Battle Pass

The Fortnite battle pass now requires you to complete quests and level up in order to unlock the stars that allow you to unlock the items in the battle pass itself instead of the older model where you just leveled up thru the battle pass to reach level 100.

The new model has pages where inside the pages there are items that you choose in which order to unlock them and the v bucks are in there. You do need to unlock all the items within one page in order to move on so it does slow you down a bit in case you are only wanting to unlock v bucks, but lets be honest most fortnite season battle pass come with at least a couple of skins that are worth getting by themselves.

The advantage of getting all the v bucks from the battle pass is that you can either use those to purchase skins in the store or save them for the new battle pass later, but this is where the Fortnite Crew comes in.

How To Get free V Bucks
How To Get free V Bucks

Fortnite Crew

As an avid, almost, daily Fortnite player I can suggest getting the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription if you love fortnite and want to be getting as much skins as possible. Now how to get free v bucks from fortnite crew is simple you get about 1,000 v bucks from the subscription plus that month’s skin, items, and emotes.

The 1,000 v bucks is on top of the battle pass so in the end you are paying about $12 for, usually, a legit skin and getting the battle pass plus all the v bucks in the battle pass which usually is about 1,500 v bucks. That is a lot of v bucks to have and use.

How To Get free V Bucks
How To Get free V Bucks

Fortnite Save The World

The next step is a bit of a pay then you get, but not monthly since it is pay once and you have it forever…as long as epic games keeps supporting the fun and original Fortnite game mode called Fortnite Save The World, where you can get more than 1,000 v bucks for free!

The Save the World Fortnite game mode is a pve survival that you can play and in it it has quests or challenges that sometimes they have v bucks as rewards specially if you purchased the game mode, since it is not free to play, with a bundle like the one above which cost around $15.

The game mode is not for everybody, but it is fun if you enjoy horde pie survival story gameplay and you can use your fortnite battle royal skins in it so it is a win win. To answer more precisely how to get free v bucks in save the world you you can do the daily log ins and eventual it leads to good rewards and completing the “challenges” like in this image can lead you to some free v bucks for just playing more fortnite:

How To Get free V Bucks
How To Get free V Bucks

Don’t Fall for Scams!

Yes there are more than likely more ways of answering the question of how to get free v bucks in fortnite, but they are not worth the risk! Trust me! your skins and progression in the world of fornite is worth more than trying to get some free v bucks here and there that once you get caught you lose it all.

The game of Fortnite is looking to be around for a long long while and if you have something special like battle pas skins that no one else can get and you lose them because you get caught by cheating it is not going to feel good. Work for your v bucks. Talk to your parents about getting income thru work with them so you can earn your v bucks and trust me it is going to feel amazing when you buy skins with your hard earn v bucks instead of the easily fading rush of getting them with cheated v bucks.

The fortnite crew is a great deal where you can work with your parents or your own budget if you have a job to make sure you get the battle pass and some skins along the way together with a dish amount of v bucks.

If you have anymore questions let us know in the comments or in the socials under RichieRichLabs and StreamingLiveAcademy or SLA for short.

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